Nasuni SYNCHRONIZE ensures users and applications in all locations are always accessing the latest version of any file. Available for both Nasuni PRIMARY and Nasuni ARCHIVE, this premium service offers:

  • Read and write access to primary and archive file data from any location
  • A true global file system and one authoritative source of file data
  • High speed file transfer without more MPLS bandwidth
  • Freedom from WAN acceleration, DFS-R, and remote access technologies

High Speed Data Propagation

Any time a file is created or modified, the changes are compressed, de-duplicated, and encrypted, then propagated to cloud object storage where the “gold copy” is stored as objects. The changes are then propagated to all other edge appliances that are caching the file so users and apps in all locations are always working on the latest version at local LAN speeds.

Immutable Version History

Changes to files on Nasuni Edge Appliances in all locations are continuously captured and stored as independent WORM versions in your preferred object storage to ensure no data is ever lost. Nasuni Global Volume Manager™ technology aligns all versions using date and time stamps, providing an immutable history of every file.

WAN Freed From File Traffic

When deployed with public cloud object storage, Nasuni SYNCHRONIZE leverages public internet links to securely propagate file changes, first to cloud object storage, then to all other edge appliances where the file is in use. You’ll offload your private WAN from file transfer traffic, reducing costs and boosting the performance of your block storage applications.

Multi-Site Archiving

When used with NASUNI ARCHIVE, NASUNI SYNCHRONIZE enables users and apps in all locations to write to and read from archive storage. Office documents, CAD drawings, BIM files, creative content, and other types of unstructured data will all be quickly available and easy to reference, no matter how old they are.

Nasuni SYNCHRONIZE Specifications

Cloud Object Storage

Public Cloud: Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Dell EMC Virtustream, IBM Cloud

Private Cloud (on-premises): Dell EMC ECS, Hitachi Object Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Western Digital ActiveScale

Number of Locations

Unlimited – files can be synchronized across any number of locations

Number of Files

Unlimited – any number of files can be synchronized


All synchronization traffic encrypted using the AES-256 standard, with customer-controlled keys


Use of public internet links for data propagation offloads file synchronization traffic from WAN

Propagation Time

1-5 minutes per edge appliance, depending on internet connections and bandwidth


CIFS, NFS, and HTTPS protocol integration for file access and broad application compatibility; Active Directory and LDAP integration for local file authentication

Version Control

File changes from all locations are stored as independent WORM versions in cloud object storage to ensure no data is ever lost; Nasuni Global Volume Manager™ aligns all versions using date/time stamps

File Lock

Optional NASUNI COLLABORATE premium service with Nasuni Global File Lock™ technology ensures only one user can modify any given file at a time for multi-site collaboration without version conflict


Synchronization is automatic; edge appliances in all locations centrally administered through Nasuni Management Console (NMC)


Priced per TB; annual subscription; requires NASUNI PRIMARY and/or NASUNI ARCHIVE as prerequisite services; cloud storage purchased separately

Nasuni SYNCHRONIZE Benefits for Business

  • Access the global file system and shared files from any location for improved productivity.
  • Transfer files to remote offices to take advantage of locations with excess capacity, special expertise, and/or lower operating costs.
  • Access and write to archive storage from any location.
  • Share corporate files with new or recently acquired offices quickly to accelerate their integration into the business.
  • Collaborate on files without version conflict to avoid data loss and improve productivity (requires NASUNI COLLABORATE premium service).

Nasuni SYNCHRONIZE Benefits for IT

  • Minimize the need to purchase and manage WAN acceleration, distributed file server replication (DFS-R), remote access, and file transfer tools.
  • Achieve cloud-first objectives by moving traditional NAS and file server workloads to cloud object storage.
  • Consolidate cross-office primary file storage and archive file storage in a single unified platform.
  • Implement remote office and branch office file (ROBO) file infrastructure that is scalable and easy to administer.
  • Reduce remote office backup and disaster recovery costs traditionally needed to support distributed file sharing.

Part of a Consolidated Platform

Nasuni SYNCHRONIZE is a premium service offering of the Nasuni Cloud File Services platform. All Nasuni services are powered by the UniFS global file system, which makes private or public cloud object storage the best place to store your files.

Primary file storage, backup, and DR for traditional NAS and file server workloads.

Affordable, long-term file storage and rapid retrievall for cool file workloads.

Multi-site file sharing, large file transfer, and version alignment.

Global file locking for multi-site collaboration without version conflict.