The 4 Reasons Jakob Müller Group Relies on Nasuni Cloud File Data Services

August 16, 2023 | Michael Stöckli, CIO, Jakob Müller Group (GUEST BLOGGER) The 4 Reasons Jakob Müller Group Relies on Nasuni Cloud File Data Services

Right now, you are probably wearing about two meters of textile ribbons manufactured on machines made by Switzerland-based Jakob Müller Group. The next time you strap on a seat belt, you might thank our company, since it was probably produced on one of our machines. Nasuni recently published a new case study discussing our business and why we shifted to cloud file data services. In this post I will focus on the four primary reasons we are pleased with our decision to deploy Nasuni.


1. The migration was easier than expected

There was some trepidation initially because we were moving quite a large amount of data and this was some of our most important data. This process was quite important for us and the help from the Nasuni team was really great. They really guided us through the process and helped us understand how it would normally be done, what obstacles we might encounter along the way, and how to get around them. It is some work, but then it simply works.


2. We reduced our global hardware footprint

We produce our machines from different locations around the world and we have many additional sales and services sites. Previously we relied on Windows File Servers for storage and wrote custom scripts to share data between sites, but this had grown cumbersome and difficult to manage. Our users endured long delays as they waited for files to transfer. Our IT team was forced to spend too much time managing these processes. When we discovered Nasuni we saw quite fast that it would be a good solution for our needs. Instead of managing many Windows File Servers and backup infrastructure, we now manage one Nasuni platform.

In the beginning, we opened the Nasuni Management Console often, but now it just runs. We do not want to spend time administering file servers around the world. We need a platform that simply works, and as I noted above, Nasuni simply works.


3. We saved 33%

Ours is a competitive and unique market; the pressure to reduce prices is constant. One of my responsibilities is to deliver better IT services while reducing costs and Nasuni allows me to do this. By reducing our backup storage footprint, canceling maintenance of a WORM storage volume, and cutting our restore costs, I estimate that our Nasuni subscription is 33% less than what we were paying.


4. We know we will not lose data to ransomware

Thanks to the Nasuni model of protecting and recovering data, we do not have complaints that data are missing anymore, and I know that if we are impacted by ransomware, we will not lose any data.


The Right Solution for Our Needs

Our company might seem unique, and perhaps even surprising to some readers, but I imagine our requirements are common among large companies. We needed a way to store, protect, manage, and synchronize our cloud file data more effectively at a lower cost, and Nasuni was the right solution.

If you would like to read more about how we make use of Nasuni, I would encourage you to read the full customer case study here.

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