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Manhard Consulting is a full-service civil engineering and surveying firm specializing in government, municipal, residential and commercial projects. With 225 employees distributed across 8 national offices, Manhard relies heavily on collaboration between end users in different locations. Three years ago, the IT group was stuck with an inefficient storage system, rising backup costs and no clear Disaster Recovery policy in place. Nasuni offered a centralized file storage solution that delivers enhanced collaboration, built-in protection and significant cost savings.

Video Transcript

My name is Don Willemarck. I’m the director of information technology here at Manhard Consulting. We’re a civil engineering and land surveying firm, and we have eight offices throughout the United States. We’re about 225 people. So, prior to Nasuni, we were storing all of our data in separate file servers in each office, and we realized that there had to be a better way to share data and communicate between teams of engineers wanting to collaborate. We started doing Google searches on cloud storage, centralized file storage, and we came across Nasuni. We contacted Nasuni, and we started with a proof of concept. We started with one filer here in Vernon Hills, and we copied probably about a terabyte of data to it and had our users using it overnight. So one day, they were using a file server. The next day, they were using Nasuni, and they didn’t really know the difference. It was that seamless of a cutover, and the data was immediately being copied to the cloud and protected. What we found in Nasuni was the ability to store all of our data in one place and have it distributed across all of the offices, so teams could work efficiently between the offices and still have one central data store. It was truly storage infrastructure as a service, and it was a way for us to move more IT functions out of our data center and put them in the cloud, where we can move towards more of an operational IT model than a capital IT model.