Nasuni Named a Top Five Performer in DCIG’s Enterprise Reports for Hybrid Cloud Software and Multi-site File Collaboration Solutions

Analyst Highlights Nasuni’s Native Hybrid Cloud Architecture, Fast File and Object Access, Ransomware Protection, and Multi-site Collaboration

April 30, 2024

Analyst Highlights Nasuni’s Native Hybrid Cloud Architecture, Fast File and Object Access, Ransomware Protection, and Multi-site Collaboration

BOSTON – April 30, 2024 – Nasuni, a leading hybrid cloud storage solution, has been named as a top performing solution in two major reports released by analyst firm DCIG. The company has been given a top five rating by DCIG’s 2024-25 Enterprise Hybrid Cloud SDS NAS Solutions report and has achieved the same distinction in DCIG’s 2024-25 Enterprise Multi-site File Collaboration Solutions report.

With today’s organizations struggling with file storage infrastructure cost and complexity, amid the explosive growth of unstructured data, many IT teams are moving to enterprise-class, software-defined storage (SDS) solutions to modernize their storage infrastructures. These approaches unify the control of storage resources across different on-premises and cloud platforms, helping deliver more effective data management, more sophisticated file collaboration at scale, and ensuring more agile responses to fast-changing business needs.

“The Nasuni File Data Platform stands out with its unique approach, placing the object store at the heart of its software-defined cloud-native architecture,” said Enterprise Hybrid Cloud SDS NAS Solutions report author and DCIG Senior Storage Analyst, Todd Dorsey. “Nasuni’s innovative hybrid cloud solution empowers enterprises to replace their complex legacy file infrastructure with a single global file system.”

DCIG’s analyst team evaluated 29 companies for its Enterprise Hybrid Cloud SDS NAS Solutions report, using feature-based analysis and data comparisons of multiple data sources to identify five leading solutions. Separately, for its Enterprise Multi-site File Collaboration Solutions Report, DCIG examined 26 different vendors before naming its top 5 performers.

DCIG’s research team highlighted a series of stand-out capabilities across both research reports for Nasuni:

  • Native hybrid cloud architecture ─ Nasuni integrates with all primary public cloud providers and leading private cloud solutions, giving organizations the flexibility to use the best cloud solution for their needs. Nasuni’s patented UniFS Global File System organizes file data, enables classification and compliance by supporting extended metadata, and enables rapid recovery from ransomware attacks and disasters.
  • Fast file and object access ─ by deploying the Nasuni edge caching appliance as a virtual machine, businesses can replace traditional file servers and NAS, gaining a lightweight access point to all their file and object data. Nasuni’s intelligent data orchestration and caching technology accelerates user and application access as well as reducing egress fees and local storage footprint, ensuring significant cost savings.
  • Data security ─ Nasuni encrypts all data, metadata, and snapshots, in transit and at rest, using AES-256 encryption and participates within a zero-trust security framework. Nasuni’s Continuous File Versioning® protects data from ransomware and cyber attacks by taking frequent snapshots of file changes on Nasuni Edge VMs, with snapshots kept secure as compressed, encrypted, and immutable objects in cloud storage.
  • Ransomware mitigation and recovery ─ Nasuni’s Ransomware Protection service helps ensure early detection, the limiting of potential damage, and very quick recovery from ransomware attacks at the edge. Administrators can quickly recover a previous file version, folder, volume, or system, enabling rapid recovery of critical data to the moment immediately before an attack occurs.
  • Nasuni Add-on Services ─ Nasuni offers add-on services that enhance performance for edge locations, hybrid workforces, and remote users: Nasuni Access Anywhere provides high-performance, compliant file access, from any device, anywhere. Nasuni Multi-Site Collaboration ensures consistent file locking and data propagation to accelerate file collaboration between users and locations around the globe.

“Today’s leading enterprises manage increasingly distributed workforces and require more efficient collaboration on file and project data. With data growth continuing unabated, a file data platform in the cloud that unifies global file management with integrated ransomware detection, and rapid recovery, is essential to future business growth. They need to achieve all this while unifying their data access and simplifying data management in readiness for the challenges of AI,” said David Grant, President at Nasuni.

“DCIG’s recognition of Nasuni as a top five solution in both the ‘Hybrid Cloud Software-defined Storage NAS Solution’ and ‘Enterprise Multi-site File Collaboration Solution’ reports underlines the value of our company’s platform. We are helping customers power their business growth, secure their data, and increase user productivity, through a unique, cloud-native architecture that enables simple and secure global-level collaboration.”

This announcement follows several new innovations for the Nasuni File Data Platform, including the launches of Nasuni IQ, Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3, and most recently, Nasuni’s integration capabilities with Microsoft Copilot. To read DCIG’s Hybrid Cloud SDS NAS Solutions Report, visit here and DCIG’s Enterprise Multi-site File Collaboration Solutions Report is available here.

###About Nasuni
Nasuni is a leading hybrid cloud storage solution that powers business growth with effortless scalability, built-in security, and fast edge performance using a unique cloud-native architecture. The Nasuni File Data Platform delivers operational excellence by consolidating NAS and backup, eliminating data silos, and making management easy and flexible without changes to apps or workflows. Its built-in security offers proactive defense and rapid recovery, lowering organizations’ risk from the detrimental effects of ransomware attacks and other disasters. Synchronized access to file data everywhere ensures user productivity by supporting remote and hybrid work. By leveraging object storage, data is consolidated and optimized for content intelligence tools and AI workflows.

Organizations worldwide rely on Nasuni, including leaders in manufacturing, construction, energy, consumer goods, and public sectors. Nasuni’s corporate headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and the company delivers services to over 70 countries. For more information, visit

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