Nasuni Management Console Transforms the Way IT Teams View, Manage and Monitor Enterprise Data

Management Console Transforms How IT Monitors Data – Nasuni|Management Console Transforms How IT Monitors Data – Nasuni

June 24, 2013

By Freeing Data from Hardware, IT Can Manage Enterprise Data Access, Protection, Security and Storage Capacity from a Single, Easy-to-Use Console

NATICK, Mass. – June 24, 2013 – Nasuni®, a provider of enterprise storage to distributed organizations, today announced the Nasuni Management Console (NMC). This easy-to-use virtual appliance gives the enterprise a central command center that enables IT to manage all of an organization’s data regardless of its physical location, empowering true IT storage agility and unparalleled data visibility. With the NMC, IT can manage data access, protection, security and storage capacity from a single console, without the need to do so through individual hardware components.

Until now, enterprises could not manage storage effectively outside of the primary data center. Managing data storage at remote and branch offices requires logging into a wide array of different machines or putting someone on a plane. Data protection, in particular, is a nightmare for the distributed enterprise. When IT needs to restore data, it takes a long time just to retrieve the tape, and given how unreliable tape has proven to be, successfully restoring the data is by no means assured.

Traditional storage vendors are working toward delivering centralized management of storage, but these approaches often require an additional software layer, and, unlike the NMC, focus on managing aspects of the hardware stack. NMC enables IT to manage all an enterprise’s global data from a single view, because it separates data from hardware, allowing enterprises to directly manage the data and information stored in the storage service.

The NMC is an integral part of Nasuni’s Storage-Infrastructure-as-a-Service (SIaaS), which gives enterprise organizations a secure, all-in-one data storage solution that provides local performance for users, simplified and centralized management for IT, and an easily scalable storage solution for the enterprise that can save organizations as much as 60% over traditional hardware solutions.

The ability to focus entirely on managing data without the distraction of hardware provides better visibility, control and security of data across the entire organization. Nasuni customers can deploy the NMC as a single virtual appliance at no additional cost to manage all of their enterprise’s data, regardless of the geographic location, time zone and connectivity of their global offices. The NMC can handle all data management operations through a single pane of glass, including:

  • Capacity scaling and provisioning
  • Global volume creation and management
  • Data protection policies and processes
  • Data synchronization and replication schedules
  • User and administrative access privileges
  • Monitoring and security

“ESG Lab has tested more than forty enterprise-class storage solutions over the past ten years and we’re blown away with Nasuni’s new management interface” said Brian Garrett, Vice President of ESG Lab. “It not only has a great look and feel with the intuitiveness of an Apple iPhone, it’s amazingly fast and easy to deploy and monitor distributed enterprise-class storage services for users located around the globe from a single pane of glass. Nasuni took a radically new approach by creating a globally accessible – and changeable – management interface. Nasuni manages the global delivery of enterprise-class data services with a stateless hub-and-spoke architecture that’s anchored in the cloud, lickety-split performance that’s predictably fast regardless of the number of devices being managed, and deep integration with active directory.”

“Nasuni has already vastly improved our company’s ability to provide distributed offices with fast access to the global fileshare, to protect all of our data uniformly and to add capacity at a moment’s notice,” said Natascha Polderman, Head of Global IT Service Delivery at Control Risks, a U.K.-based independent, global risk consultancy that specializes in helping organizations manage political, integrity and security risks in complex and hostile environments. “The Nasuni Management Console will radically simplify the management of our data and make it much easier to create uniform policies for access, protection and security. In our business, I can’t overstate how critical these kinds of policies are to our mission.”

“Nasuni has once again set a new standard for storage by freeing data entirely from hardware and giving IT the ability to focus 100 percent on the most important asset they manage – their data,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “And just as with all of the previous innovations we have delivered, the NMC is available to all Nasuni customers at no additional charge.”

About Nasuni
Nasuni offers a powerful Storage Infrastructure as a Service: a uniform, complete storage solution delivered as a service, enabling enterprise organizations to offload the management of the storage infrastructure (including backup, replication and offsite protection) and consume storage on-demand. The solution combines the attributes of cloud storage with an on-premises controller all managed by a proprietary technology designed to deliver the same IT management and user experience provided by traditional storage. With Nasuni, corporate data is uniformly available in all locations, enabling organizations to increase user productivity, streamline costs and improve business agility.

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