ESG Lab Report Validates Nasuni as a Superior Solution for Multi-site Storage Access

ESG Report Says Nasuni Top Multi-Site Storage Access Solution|ESG Report Says Nasuni Top Multi-Site Storage Access Solution

March 13, 2012

Report Highlights Performance, Ease of Use, Ease of Deployment and Reliability; Nasuni Enables Enterprises to Eliminate Costly and Cumbersome WAN Optimization and Replication Schemes for Sharing Storage Access

Nasuni®, a next-generation enterprise storage company, today announced the release of a lab validation report from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) on Nasuni’s enterprise storage solution. In the report, ESG details the results of an extensive, hands-on evaluation of Nasuni’s enterprise storage solution and multi-site capabilities through testing at three locations.

ESGs’ report calls out Nasuni’s multi-site storage capabilities with read-write access as a superior alternative to traditional enterprise sharing solutions. According to the report, current global sharing solutions “can be cumbersome and costly, requiring organizations to purchase and manage replication solutions, duplicate infrastructure, and, in many cases, WAN optimization technology.”

ESG was able to quickly and easily set up the Nasuni appliance at all three offices. Setting up Nasuni’s service was fast and, once established, ESG was not only able to access files from applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, but could also stream audio files from cloud storage at the same speed as files stored on a local device.

Additional highlights of the report include:

  • Simple deployment: ESG Lab successfully deployed both physical and virtual Nasuni appliances in 20 minutes. Analysts at ESG Lab found the management interface easy to navigate and rich in features.
  • Ease of use: Storage access setup was easy and included tools for migrating data into the environment and setting up data protection (backup and restore) based on the infinite snapshot capabilities of the Nasuni storage solution.
  • Increasing capacity is fast and non-disruptive: ESG Lab was able to non-disruptively add capacity with minimal mouse clicks.

“Nasuni’s single solution, delivered as a service, addresses multiple storage needs by combining an on-premises cache with cloud-based primary storage, ” said Brian Garrett, Vice President of ESG Lab, “This is the next generation of enterprise storage—and not a moment too soon.  Organizations can no longer afford to buy storage they don’t use or run the risk of not being able to scale quickly to new demands for access to files or capacity from innumerable locations.”

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