VMware Highlights Nasuni as Horizon File Data Solution

June 7, 2022

This has been an exciting year for Nasuni on several fronts. We’ve signed on some of the largest companies in the world as new customers. Our existing customers are expanding their use of the platform. The investment community has given us another huge vote of confidence, our rapid ransomware recovery capabilities are pulling in unprecedented business, and our engineering team continues adding new features to the platform. As the VP of Strategic Alliances, though, I’m particularly excited about how our partnerships with some of the top technology providers in the world continue to get stronger. Our work with the cloud hyperscalers has been well documented, but today I’m excited to shine the spotlight on our great relationship with VMware.

Specifically, the Nasuni File Data Platform has been included as a core piece of the reference architecture documentation for the VMware Horizon and Azure VMware Solution. This offering delivers an integrated hybrid cloud solution for virtual desktops and applications, allowing customers to leverage on-demand capacity, disaster recovery, and cloud co-location – all without buying additional data center resources. What Nasuni offers is a way to maintain fast file access in virtual environments by keeping your file data close to Horizon desktops and applications. The Nasuni platform has already been certified to work with VMware Horizon on AVS, along with other virtual desktop solutions, but being included as a core part of the reference architecture shows how VMware, Azure and their customers are truly seeing the difference Nasuni makes.

My colleague Tom Rose has written extensively about why Nasuni is so impactful in virtual environments, and how we eliminate the file access latency issues common to many virtual desktop deployments. I’ll defer to Tom’s posts on the technical side of why this relationship works. What I’m excited about is taking the next step in our partnership with VMware.  Having an industry leader like VMware recognize how the Nasuni File Data Platform complements their solutions is a tremendous endorsement of the value we bring to our mutual customers.  We look forward to helping more enterprises fully realize the promise and potential of Horizon on AVS through our partnership. Watch this space!

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