Nasuni Certified as a Great Place to Work!

Nasuni’s Kathleen Parrish discusses the company’s most recent accomplishment: being a certified Great Place to Work!

April 5, 2023

I’m thrilled to share that Nasuni has officially been certified as a Great Place to Work. This is a significant milestone for Nasuni, and I’d like to offer a few thoughts on how we earned this certification, and what it means to current employees and external candidates.

Earlier this year, when Paul Flanagan, our CEO, announced that Nasuni had surpassed $100M in annual recurring revenue, he made a point to emphasize that our most important asset is our employees. Paul put our people first in detailing how we reached that financial mark.

The employees of Nasuni work incredibly hard to create a supportive environment in which everyone from summer interns to senior managers have what they need to thrive, succeed, and have a fulfilling experience while working with Nasuni. During and after the pandemic, we communicated with our colleagues at all levels of the company to talk about how we could accommodate today’s working environment. We’ve adopted a hybrid model that’s flexible to meet the needs of different employees. We’re working to maintain inviting, stimulating spaces in our physical offices while nurturing virtual programs to bring together people in distant or remote locations.

Ultimately, we’re doing everything we can to make Nasuni a great place to work, which is why this official recognition is so exciting. A few of the highlights from the certification:

  • 95% of Nasuni employees said the company is a great place to work
  • 97% expressed that they felt management promoted inclusive behavior and was committed to ensuring a fair workplace
  • 96% reported that they liked working with their colleagues, felt they could be themselves, and believed they could count on and support one another

I know everyone here at the company has been talking about our $100M milestone, how we’re managing more than 100PB of customer file data in Azure, and what’s next on the product evolution horizon, but the results above mean so much to my colleagues and me. Having this certification lets customers, prospects, partners, and candidates know how our current employees feel about working here, puts us ahead of our competition, and it supports our efforts in attracting top quality candidates to help us continue to build our great company.

More than 10,000 companies across 60 countries apply for this certification every year, and we are honored to be recognized.

Nasuni truly is a great place to work, and as I noted at the end of my last post, we’re hiring. Why not apply and find out what it’s like for yourself?

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