Breakthrough Pricing with Google Cloud Storage

This blog highlights just how much money organizations stand to save with Nasuni Files for Google Cloud Storage.

August 25, 2021

The company behind the world’s most popular search engine is changing the economics of storage. When we announced our partnership with Google Cloud Storage earlier this year, we were excited to be able to present another object storage option to enterprises, especially given the technical features. But one of the advantages I’m not sure we’ve emphasized enough is just how much money organizations stand to save with Nasuni Files for Google Cloud.

The way Google has set up its object storage offering is unique in the industry. Typically, archiving your files in cold storage will reduce the price per TB significantly, but you won’t be able to retrieve those files as quickly. Nasuni mitigates this effect, regardless of where you store your files, by caching files locally for fast access. We also avoid utilizing storage that leads to long delays in retrieval. If an archive tier stipulates that it could take minutes or even hours to retrieve a file, then it’s not right for Nasuni. Our technology is built for speed.

What Google has done is combine the best of both worlds. The three tiers – Nearline, Coldline, and Archive – all offer ultra low-cost, highly durable, highly available archival storage with sub-second access speeds. The Archive tier, which is what Nasuni utilizes for the gross majority of datasets, delivers the same performance and latency as the others but at a fraction of the cost. You’ll incur egress costs if you’re constantly pulling data out of that cold storage, but this is where Nasuni technology has an advantage. Thanks to our strategically sized appliances and intelligent caching algorithms, Nasuni minimizes egress and the associated penalties. This isn’t a new feature—the technology was built that way from the start—but it’s now unlocking some tremendous economic benefits.

With Nasuni Files for Google Cloud, organizations can leverage Google’s Archive pricing and pay one-fifth to one-third the cloud file storage costs of the other leading providers. Or to put it another way, you can cut your cloud storage costs by 67% to 80%.

Nasuni already saves companies up to 70% by replacing multiple file storage, backup, disaster recovery, and file sync and share solutions with a single cloud platform. So our enterprise customers save money regardless of which object storage provider they choose. By introducing Google Cloud Storage as another one of our major partners, though, we’re giving enterprises a chance to save even more — and to do so without sacrificing the fast file access and performance that have become a hallmark of the Nasuni experience. We’re also making this even more enticing by offering free remote migration services for the first 20 TBs.

I’ll have more to say in the coming weeks about some of the technical advantages of Google Cloud, but in the meantime, take a look at these great conversations between Russ Kennedy, Chief Product Officer here at Nasuni, and Google Cloud Storage Director of Product Management Brian Schwarz.

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