Nasuni to Manage, Protect and Simplify Storage of Business Files for Law Firms

Nasuni to Manage, Protect & Simply Storage for Law Firms|Nasuni to Manage, Protect & Simply Storage for Law Firms

May 23, 2011

The Nasuni Filer has now officially become the manager and protector of business files for leading law firms in the U.S. Being the leader in the cloud gateway creation business, Nasuni also simplifies storage solutions for firms like Fiddler, Gonzalez and Rodriguez, P.S.C, and Gesmer Updegrove LLP. The Nasuni Filer now eliminates the need for expensive hardware installation and reduces the dependency on the existing storage solutions. Moreover, large volumes of data handling, a built-in tool for data recovery and backing up files, unlimited capacity for file servers and record retention compliance tools are just a few of the unique capabilities of the Nasuni Filer.

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