Nasuni Success in Law, Architecture and Engineering Drives Extraordinary Revenue Growth of 144 Percent in 2013

Nasuni Success in Architecture & Engineering Drives Revenue|Nasuni Success in Architecture & Engineering Drives Revenue

January 23, 2014

Total Storage Under Management Tripled Year-Over-Year; 131 Percent Growth in Quarterly Bookings Over Same Period in 2012 

NATICK, Mass. – January 23, 2014 – Nasuni®, a provider of enterprise storage to large, distributed organizations, today released details of its extraordinary growth in 2013, in which bookings revenue grew 144 percent over the previous year, driven in large part by the company’s success with distributed and global enterprises – especially those in several key industries.

Notable growth statistics for 2013 include:

  • 131 percent growth in quarterly bookings revenue over the same period in 2012
  • 210 percent growth in total TB of storage under management from 2012 to 2013
  • 125 percent growth in quarterly bookings revenue from existing customers
  • 40 percent growth in total TB of storage under management from Q3 2013 to Q4 2013 alone

The company’s success in 2013 is a reflection of the value that Nasuni’s cloud-integrated storage service brings to the architecture, engineering, manufacturing and legal sectors. In law firms, for example, Nasuni enables practices to provision massive amounts of secure, cloud-based storage within minutes, eliminating many of the challenges associated with litigation support data.

In architecture and engineering, Nasuni enables enterprise IT to provide uniform storage, backup and disaster recovery to offices around the world. IT can manage its global storage from a single location while simultaneously giving their users fast access to the most recent version of files, including the massive CAD files which form the core IP of these professional services firms.

In manufacturing, Nasuni is giving enterprise IT teams a way to make sure their data is safe and protected – especially the information coming from tools and automated machines that are core to the manufacturing process. Using cloud-based synchronization, Nasuni ensures integral data is safe and available all the way from the plant floor to the corporate boardroom – all while helping these companies achieve significant savings over traditional storage solutions.

Some of Nasuni’s customers in 2013 include:

  • Adlens Limited, the worldwide leader in variable focus eyewear is utilizing Nasuni to replace onsite file sharing, file backup and replication between global sites.
  • Barry Isett & Associates, an employee owned firm of multidiscipline engineers and consultants, is using Nasuni to deliver better file access across regional offices, as well as update and replace an inefficient and aging backup infrastructure
  • D+M Group, best known for their Denon, Marantz, and Boston Acoustics brands, is using Nasuni for its global design center storage worldwide, improving the efficiency of designers while eliminating the management of individual files servers and lowering their overall cost per TB.
  • Lewis Group of Companies, a real estate developer with operations in California and Nevada, is using Nasuni’s distributed storage environment to enable collaboration between offices at LAN speeds and provide local file access to users who migrate between 30 offices throughout the company.
  • Manhard Consulting, a national full-service civil engineering, land planning and surveying firm, is using Nasuni to provide file services with a focus on data storage and protection across the multi-site enterprise.
  • Perkins+Will, an interdisciplinary design firm, is using Nasuni to replace ineffective and expensive backup and data protection systems at 25 offices around the world.
  • A local state government agency is using Nasuni to address data growth, retention issues, ineffective and expensive backup and trusted and cost effective disaster recovery solution.

“Nasuni continues to grow exponentially because we offer previously unthinkable storage capabilities – centralized management with uniform storage, backup and disaster recovery to all locations – at a price that’s typically far less than an organization’s backup budget alone,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “Our storage innovations have particularly resonated with law firms, architects and engineers because we solve industry-specific storage problems that previously had no solution. We’ve only just begun to tap this multi-billion dollar market, so we expect to continue our exponential growth into 2014 and beyond.”

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