NAS Is Sexy … Again

March 31, 2015

Network Attached Storage has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a file-storage tool. Now, a new generation of NAS systems is needed in the cloud to meet enterprise demands.

NASThe world runs on files. Every bit of digital information eventually ends up in one or more files: From the simplest text file to files that capture the intricacies of a product or the blueprint for a high-rise. It’s all files, and files are a pain to store and manage.

Beneath the calm humming of any file-intensive organization, there is a storage engineer shoveling coal into the engine in order to ensure that there is always plenty of capacity, that the files are protected, and that they are available conveniently and quickly to the people who need them. The sheer volume of files and the expectations for anytime, anywhere access have never been higher than they are today. And all of a sudden, NAS is sexy — again.

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