Comparing Cloud Storage Alternatives: Beyond the Big Three

January 11, 2016

infostor LogoThe Nasuni 2015 State of Cloud Storage Report noted that 2013 and 2014 were record-setting years for cloud service adoption in the enterprise. More than 50% of large enterprises reported using cloud services as an integral part of their infrastructure, with cloud storage being one of the most popular services, predicted to grow at a rate of 33% per year for the next five years.

Nasuni’s approach differs from Gartner in that it relies on testing as opposed to user survey and revenue numbers. In its evaluation of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft won out as the highest performer for reading and writing of file-based data. Amazon came second, but was faster when it came to files larger than 1 MB.

Amazon led in availability with an average response time of .1 of a second, compared to .14 of a second for Microsoft and .5 of a second for Google. Amazon was the preferred choice for the ability to scale quickly. Overall, the report states that Microsoft consistently performed better than Amazon, with Google a more distant third.

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