Nasuni has more reviews from Gartner clients than any of our competitors and the highest rating at 4.7/5.0. Read the Gartner Peer Insights to learn why.

Engineering & architecture giant tires of management headaches, slow recoveries, and silos of file data associated with traditional storage

"We ended up purchasing 200 TB of Nasuni backed by Azure Blob storage and deploying Edge Appliances in different branch sites. We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was, and how each Edge Appliance can deliver the same file server experience as our NetApps using a much smaller local disk footprint."

Morten Madsen, IT project manager, Ramboll

The largest division of the world's largest advertising firm stores, protects, and collaborates on 10+ PB of file data across hundreds of sites with Nasuni.

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From the invention of the first hard drive to recent enhancements in 3D NAND, this innovative company cut global file transfer latency from hours to minutes and unifies three companies under one platform.

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A global leader in automotive power, data, and display technologies, this company relies on Nasuni for fast, secure file access across their global business.

Pharmaceutical giant and Nasuni customer since 2018 enables its R&D teams in the UK and US to efficiently collaborate on the same scientific data.

Manufacturing company for brands like Levi's and Disney trades traditional hardware for Nasuni.

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Aluminum industry leader enabled faster innovation and reduced costs with Nasuni.

A quintessential American brand, Morton Salt reduced long-term costs and increased productivity with Nasuni.

A global network of over 300,000 professionals across 120 companies deployed a cloud-native file system to meet its cloud-first initiative.

Investment management focused on delivering performance relies on Nasuni to provide them a file data platform that is scalable, simple to manage, and secure.