Case Study



The Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) provides engineering consultancy services for infrastructure and transportation projects, including highways, roads, rail, and urban environments. SMEC played a significant role in shaping the modern Australia and will continue to do so, having recently undertaken a massive project to drive the country’s transition to renewables.

The company has 18 regional offices across Australia and New Zealand, and its staff has quintupled in size since 2008. As its business was growing, SMEC’s file data was expanding even faster. The company’s file infrastructure consisted of isolated, physical file servers in each office. This approach was effective for local users, but whenever colleagues in different regional offices needed access to data stored in a given location, the process was slow and painful. As a workaround, employees were copying entire project folders onto their local servers, leading to duplication that further strained storage capacity.

Data protection was not any easier, as the company’s tape-based backup solution was time-consuming to manage and couldn’t keep pace with file growth. SMEC turned to Nasuni to eliminate headaches and support the company’s future growth. Read more in their Case Study.

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Microsoft Azure
  • unlimited on-demand cloud file storage capacity
  • 67% cost savings over 5 years
  • global file data protection without backup
  • faster file recoveries
  • fast access to a shared dataset in the cloud
  • simpler IT management
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