Why Urban Outfitters Moved from StorSimple to Microsoft Azure and Nasuni

Nasuni will be hosting a webinar with Microsoft and Urban Outfitters to detail why the company moved its file data from StorSimple to Azure and Nasuni

May 5, 2020

Microsoft has announced upcoming end of support for the StorSimple 8000 Series. This shouldn’t be news to anyone in the storage industry, or any enterprises currently utilizing the technology. Microsoft has been actively engaging with customers, laying out their options for maintaining access to their business files – and talking with them about using the impending change to modernize their infrastructure and take their cloud engagement to the next level.

An impending deadline like this one can be stressful, especially in times like these, but you do have options. Here at Nasuni we have undertaken multiple large StorSimple migrations, working closely with our partners at Microsoft to empower clients with a unique mix of powerful cloud file services capabilities at the right price point. Today we’re excited to announce that one such customer is going to share their story.

On Thursday, May 7, we will be hosting a live webinar with experts from Nasuni, Microsoft Azure Storage, and retail leader Urban Outfitters to detail why the company moved its file data from StorSimple to Azure and Nasuni.

Attend the webinar to find out:

  • The details on how Urban Outfitters planned and executed their migration
  • How to make your StorSimple migration as fast and painless as possible
  • The importance of scale in selecting a cloud file services platform
  • Why this switch can improve data access performance and data protection
  • How to migrate to Azure and Nasuni as cost effectively as possible

We’re especially excited that Urban Outfitters is going to give us an inside look at their experience. The retailer’s representative, Perry Golia, Head of IT Innovation at Urban Outfitters, is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, and I’m sure he’ll be open to questions. So be sure to attend live.

This is a stressful time, but as I talk to our partners at Microsoft, current customers, and potential clients about the upcoming end of support, one of the recurring themes is that this is really an opportunity. Our colleagues at Microsoft are excited about seeing more customers adopt modern file services platforms that leverage more of the scale and efficiency of their cloud object stores. Enterprises are looking forward to making use of all the new capabilities of cloud file services.

But I’ll leave it to the experts to get into all the details. Register today.

Updated: 6/8/2022

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