It’s Time to Move to a NAS Built for the Cloud

The newest release of the Nasuni file services platform focuses on enhancements in unstructured data intelligence, cloud migration, and multi-cloud agility.

October 30, 2019

Today we are incredibly excited to announce the newest release of the Nasuni file services platform. We are seeing tremendous momentum with our customers and in the marketplace. We are experiencing record growth, with a 250% increase in data under management over the last 24 months.

The growing number of global enterprises choosing a cloud-based approach to file services is no accident: Infrastructure leaders are constantly challenged with budgeting, provisioning, and protecting file storage. The explosion of unstructured data across so many locations has only increased the degree of difficulty and level of complexity. Add in the fact that businesses are demanding more insight from their data and you have a problem that traditional on-premises file infrastructure simply can’t handle. NAS systems, backup software and media, file sharing bandwidth – these are all expensive to configure, maintain, and redeploy as businesses change. Not to mention that they create silos of company data, making it all but impossible to extract insights and run analytics across the complete data set.

Our platform eliminates all these shortcomings. With Nasuni, enterprises frustrated by the cost and inefficiencies of traditional NAS can modernize and consolidate their infrastructure with a cloud-native file services platform. Our latest release makes the switch to a cloud model even easier and more attractive, with new features and integrations that help companies leverage and secure their data across a range of cloud options – including Google Cloud Storage.

For companies looking to leverage the power of the cloud, Nasuni is the intelligent cloud-native file services platform for the modern enterprise.

Highlights of Nasuni’s Latest Release

Nasuni’s engineers have long been a driving force behind this company. We were founded by storage engineer experts, and those core contributors are still working hard to make the world’s first and only global file system even better. This latest release is yet another testament to their ability to capture the challenges and guidance from our depth of enterprise customers – from manufacturing and architectural firms, oil and gas giants, high growth media firms and many more.

Did I already mention we’re excited? Right. Then I’ll move on. This latest release focuses on enhancements in three main areas: unstructured data intelligence, cloud migration, and multi-cloud agility.

1. Unstructured Data Intelligence

Everyone wants to be able to do more with their data but until now files were being under leveraged when it comes to gathering intelligence. As an example, one of our customers, the architecture and design firm Perkins+Will, developed an AI-based search tool that allows its architects to search for past projects with similar features to the project that they’re currently working on. Basically, it’s a shortcut to inspiration, as it helps them scour their files for ideas. This firm had the IT resources and skill to develop the tool in house, but it wasn’t easy.

This latest release is designed to streamline this process and help all of our customers leverage the latest cloud services tools from any of the cloud providers. The new Nasuni Analytics Connector exports a temporary, secondary copy of file data to a separate cloud storage pool, where it can then be analyzed by analytics software, AI, machine learning, and other tools. It also supports leading search software including SharePoint Search, Acronis FilesConnect, Search Blox, Cloudtenna, and NeoFinder.

2. Cloud Migration

Once our customers see the benefits of the Nasuni cloud-native file services platform, they want to deploy it as quickly as possible, and allow all of their locations to start reaping those benefits. But migrating hundreds of TB or PB of file data from all over the world into the cloud requires the right tools and services. Nasuni‘s new Cloud Migrator delivers a service for each public cloud provider to expediate the move to the cloud,. Nasuni’s service for AWS now include both Amazon Snowball, and the Nasuni Cloud Migrator for AWS.  Nasuni’s service for Azure now include Microsoft’s Data Box, as well as Nasuni’s Cloud Migrator for Azure.  These new services allow customers to seamlessly move data to the public cloud or their private cloud, faster and with less effort than a self-driven cloud migration.

3. Multi-cloud Agility

Yes, Nasuni now supports Google Cloud Storage. This means our public cloud storage support includes all three major public cloud providers – our partnerships with AWS and Azure have been strong for years. With the new release, Nasuni also supports an expanded list of private cloud storage solutions, including NetApp StorageGRID and Nutanix Object Storage.

Yet this isn’t just about one or two or even three added clouds. What these latest changes mean is that Nasuni is delivering on our promise to be a true multi-cloud platform – one that allows you to pick the cloud or clouds of your choice, and move your unstructured data to a different cloud storage provider should you have the need.

Now Moving Your NAS Infrastructure to the Cloud is Even More Attractive

If you’re new to Nasuni, or the cloud for that matter, and are experiencing file pain in any form, now is the time to look at a NAS solution that is built for the cloud.  Like many of our customers, your organization is likely to save significantly with just these benefits of Nasuni:

NAS Consolidation: With the help of Nasuni and UniFS, some of the largest companies in the world have shut down data centers, moved infrastructure silos to the cloud, and generally simplified management of global file storage. They’re shrinking their storage-related hardware footprint by as much as 80% and replacing capacity planning with the infinite scale of the cloud. All without sacrificing high-performance access to files at the local level.

Modern File Backup: With Nasuni Continuous File Versioning®, companies don’t need traditional backup anymore. Anywhere. Our enterprise customers are eliminating backup and tapes across all their global offices and getting the instant file recovery capabilities of Nasuni instead.

Global File Sharing: Nasuni streamlines workforce collaboration with file sharing that combines local performance with cloud scale. Oh, and it works: The platform has been tested and proven to work with files of any size, volume, or complexity. Our clients are unlocking global productivity across industries, including Media and Marketing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Energy, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, and others. And our Global File Lock® technology ensures that project teams spread across multiple global offices can work on the same files without painful version conflicts.

Instant Disaster Recovery:  with Nasuni files are stored as immutable objects ensuring business continuity against ransomware or natural disasters without a secondary data center.


The new enhancements and capabilities that come with our new release are available soon. There’s never been a better time to get rid of your file pain.  With Nasuni, you never have to move your file data again!

Ready to dive deeper into a new approach to data infrastructure?