The Complete 2023 Nasuni Customer Holiday Gift Guide

December 6, 2023

Behind on your holiday gift shopping? Look no further, Nasuni has got you covered. Now, I know what you’re thinking: what does Nasuni know about gift giving? Turns out, quite a bit actually. See, we have a unique advantage. Our customers provide inspiration from all facets of the retail market, conveniently bestowing us with the perfect gifts for just about everyone in our lives. So, without further ado, I present you with the complete 2023 Nasuni Customer Holiday Gifting Guide.
The Complete 2023 Nasuni Customer Holiday Gift Guide

The Tots

The holiday season is a magical time for everyone, but particularly for the kids. What better way to add to this magic than by checking off items on kids’ thoroughly curated gift lists? In the business since 1945, Mattel arguably knows more about toy production than the elves in the North Pole. Splurge on the Barbie Dream House, lean into the F1 craze with Hot Wheels racetracks, or start some family feuds with UNO.

The Complete 2023 Nasuni Customer Holiday Gift Guide

The Golf Pro

For the golf aficionado in your life who knows their way around the fairways, finding the ideal gift requires a swing in the right direction. Offering a selection of premium equipment and accessories, Peter Millar will surely score a hole-in-one with the golf lover on your list. From stylish polos to putting green footwear, explore these recommendations to tee up the perfect present.

The Complete 2023 Nasuni Customer Holiday Gift Guide

The Teen

Boo! Oh, sorry, wrong holiday. Gift giving to teenagers is daunting to put it mildly. I can’t guarantee that my recommendations will have your teens jumping in glee, but I do know that Urban Outfitters is your best bet for avoiding visible disappointment. Whether your subject is discovering their indie taste in music or looking for something fashionable to wear to holiday parties, these gifts are totally #slay (sleigh?).

The Complete 2023 Nasuni Customer Holiday Gift Guide

The Grinch

We all have that person in our lives who never bought in to the holiday season. While the rest of us are out sledding, singing carols, and roasting chestnuts on open fires, the grinches are dreaming of being poolside in the summer heat. Bring them to the warmth this holiday season with a trip to a FIVE hotel and resort in Zurich or Dubai for a relaxing getaway. No vacation is complete without a palm-print button-down and beach recliner. Travel in style with Tommy Bahama!

The Complete 2023 Nasuni Customer Holiday Gift Guide

The Tree Hugger

For the nature enthusiast who finds solace in the great outdoors, finding the perfect gift involves blending practicality with a touch of adventure. Whether they love conquering trails, shredding up black diamonds, or simply soaking in the beauty of nature, you can count on finding them a gift at Patagonia or the Duluth Trading Company for their next journey.

The Gamer

Navigating the pixelatedThe Complete 2023 Nasuni Customer Holiday Gift Guide landscape of gaming gifts might seem like a quest of its own for those unfamiliar with the gaming world. Fear not! From cutting-edge gaming accessories, to 2023’s highly coveted games, GameStop has it all.

The Complete 2023 Nasuni Customer Holiday Gift Guide

The Book Worm

There is no better gift for the big reader in your life than a thoughtful book recommendation. Nasuni customer Barnes & Noble is the perfect retailer to find 2023’s greatest publications.

Here are a few favorites from the Nasuni Family:

  1. The Only One Left, Riley Sager
  2. Pineapple Street, Jenny Jackson
  3. The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store, James McBride
  4. The Game is a Footnote, Vicki Delany
  5. For the kids: Atlantis, Gregory Mone

The Complete 2023 Nasuni Customer Holiday Gift Guide

The Chocolate-Lover (really everyone)

Don’t want to show up empty handed to a holiday party? Chocolate. Extra space in your kids’ stockings to fill? Chocolate. Need a cozy drink to accompany you by the fire? Chocolate. I could go on. There are a million occasions for chocolate in all forms around the holidays. Thankfully, Nasuni customers Ghirardelli and Russell Stover make more than enough to go around.

Happy Holidays!

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