Simple Migrations, Scale & Savings with Google Cloud

April 26, 2022 | Bobby Silva Simple Migrations, Scale & Savings with Google Cloud

A year has passed since we announced our strategic partnership with Google Cloud and I’m thrilled to report that the first 12 months have been a tremendous success. The goal of the partnership was to provide more organizations with simple, reliable, low-cost enterprise file storage, and we truly hit the ground running.

We achieved Premier Partner Status within the first twelve months and our deal flow has exceeded our expectations.

Why is the partnership working so well? The relationship with Google has been excellent. It has been a pleasure working with the Google team, from leaders like Brian Schwarz to the sales and technical experts my colleagues and I are collaborating with every day. Ultimately, though, the strength of the joint offering stems from 4 key factors.

1. Google Cloud is Object Storage Done Right

Google Cloud is built on the same infrastructure that returns billions of search results in milliseconds and serves six billion hours of YouTube videos each month. It’s fast. The way Google approaches regions is unique, too. Instead of maintaining an active region and a passive one, Google maintains an active/active pair that allows for automatic failovers in the event of a regional outage. Google’s approach to cloud storage dovetails perfectly with the Nasuni platform, which delivers scalable storage and data protection without sacrificing fast access to files.

2. Simplicity + Scale

At Nasuni we work to make file storage, data protection, file sharing, collaboration, and management as simple as possible. Google Cloud shares our focus on simplicity and ease of use. Nasuni and Google Cloud not only empower customers with the scale of a Google-backed solution, we also make deploying and managing that solution easy through   assisted migrations and a single management interface.

3. Breakthrough Pricing

The core technology, simplicity, and scale would be enticing enough to convince many customers, but Google Cloud allows us to offer all this at an extremely attractive price point. The cloud costs associated with deploying Nasuni in tandem with Google Cloud Storage Archive is 1/5th to 1/3rd the cost of leveraging one of the other hyperscalers.

That includes built-in zonal redundancy and a superior dual-region approach. Normally you pay extra to have your data stored in multiple zones, but Google Cloud automatically stores data in a minimum of three zones within a given region. The same holds true for the active/active approach I referenced above. Instead of charging egress fees to maintain that second region, Google includes this service automatically. Overall, with , customers are paying less and getting more.

4. Painless Migrations

One of the trends we’ve found interesting in the first year of our partnership has been the number of first-time cloud file storage converts in our growing customer base. Many of the companies we’re working with are either taking their first steps toward cloud-first infrastructure or moving their files to the cloud for the first time with Nasuni and Google. This is a testament to the simplicity of the purchasing and deployment process, the rare combination of capabilities and cost savings, and the overall appeal of our joint solution. But I’d like to credit our Professional Services and Customer Success organization as well, for everything they have been doing to streamline and accelerate cloud migrations and ensure companies achieve ROI as fast as possible.

An Exciting Future

Now that we’ve delivered on the initial buzz around the launch of our partnership, we can’t wait to see how it grows and evolves in the years to come. The exciting new deals we’ve launched in this first year have been great, but they’re not enough for us here at Nasuni. We want to be the number one choice for every large organization looking to move their files to the cloud with Google, and I believe we can get there.

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