One Global Customer’s Cloud Journey

May 17, 2022 | Stephen Skidmore One Global Customer’s Cloud Journey

Our customers typically come to us with an eye on solving one or two major, pressing problems. Maybe a StorSimple array is approaching EOL or they need to exit a handful of data centers. A ransomware incident may have sparked their interest. Or it could be that the high costs and extreme hassle of managing backup across multiple locations sent them searching for a more efficient cloud alternative.

The Nasuni file data services platform is designed to do away with a wide range of problems, and once the initial issue is resolved, and these organizations start to grow comfortable with the platform, they find more and more value over time. They uncover unexpected savings as they shut down backup and shift file storage off expensive, capacity-constrained arrays to cost-effective cloud object storage. Or maybe they acquire a new business or two and see how quickly Nasuni allows them to integrate new offices and their end users. The list goes on and on.

To help prospective and new customers envision how this plays out over time, we detailed one company’s journey from a small pilot at a single branch office to a complete, 1.2-PB deployment encompassing 1,000 users distributed across multiple global offices.

One Global Customer’s Cloud Journey Infographic

A few of the highlights in the infographic:

  • DR reduced from 5 days to 2 hours
  • 1 PB of file data was restored in less than 1 minute following a ransomware attack
  • Newly acquired companies start sharing files with the rest of the business through the global file system within 2 hours
  • 50% savings in year one by avoiding NetApp & Isilon refreshes

There’s lots of detail in the infographic, and you can read more about Nasuni customer journeys on the unbiased peerspot review page here. We get that a multi-PB infrastructure transformation is an intimidating endeavor. But we’ve been overseeing them for several years now and you can start small! Most of our biggest customers do. Plus, we have outstanding Customer Success and Professional Services teams ready to help, and we’ve seen over and over again with our large customers that the platform has so much more to offer than simply replacing file servers.

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