Nasuni Wins Prestigious Customer Support Award for 2nd Straight Year

October 25, 2022 | Jason DePardo Nasuni Wins Prestigious Customer Support Award for 2nd Straight Year

Our goal in global customer support and professional services is to deliver world-class service and industry-leading customer satisfaction. We’ll settle for nothing less. Recently, my colleagues have written about how Nasuni is on a tremendous run this year, from both a business and a product perspective, and I’m proud to announce that we’re surpassing our goals in customer service as well.

Nasuni has won the prestigious NorthFace ScoreBoard Service Award for the second year in a row. Awarded by the Customer Relationship Management Institute, it recognizes organizations that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to maintaining customer loyalty through exceptional service. Our independently audited NPS score of 89 ranks us among the very top service organizations in the tech industry.

Putting Our Customers First

To achieve the highest levels of service, our team works hard every day to make the needs of our customers our top priority.  We’ve been focused on building a support experience centered on:

  • Agility and responsiveness – getting customers quickly connected to the expert who can address their question or issue
  • High quality results – ensuring we fully resolve a customer’s requests to his or her satisfaction with a high sense of urgency
  • Expert knowledge – our team is made up of seasoned professionals who know what it takes to support mission-critical enterprise IT. We have deep skills in areas like cloud, storage, networking, protocols, permissions, and, of course, our Nasuni technology
  • Collaboration across Nasuni – our customer-first culture goes beyond support and extends to the rest of the company; we work together with our sales, product, and engineering teams to attack problems and drive the success of every customer

Listening to Our Customers

Through our “Voice of the Customer” program we have a multi-channel mechanism for soliciting continuous customer feedback. We don’t merely listen. We respond. A few of the actions we have taken in response to customer input include:

  • Improved support coverage for Asia
  • Improved phone response experience
  • More frequent customer communications and service advisories
  • Enhancements to our new customer onboarding experience
  • Major investments in product quality and features

Customer feedback was one of the drivers behind our acquisitions of SME and DBM earlier this year. These technologies, combined with the Nasuni File Data Platform, will help us enhance capabilities our enterprise customers have been asking us to prioritize. In short, listening to our customers and responding to their feedback continually makes Nasuni better as a company – both in terms of the product and our service experience.

Our customer satisfaction surveys are a key source of feedback.  We’ve also renewed our focus on our Customer Advisory Board, Customer Leadership Program, and global user groups. Our U.K. user group, for example, wanted more engagement and insight into our product roadmap and long-term vision. You asked, and we acted.

What Customers Are Saying

Our customers frequently recognize us in forums such as Gartner’s peer review sites. Some recent and representative pieces of feedback:

“The Support Team has been crucial in providing pre- and post- implementation expertise in a very timely manner. We have never [run] into a less-than-knowledgeable Nasuni technician between all of our support cases and as such we rest assured knowing that potential future issues will be handled without a hitch.”

“I’ve been always pleasantly surprised at the level of attention and professionalism from the Nasuni team. Whenever we have issues, we have product experts to discuss and get a better idea of our issue, if it’s an issue and what to do. We’re VERY happy with Nasuni. I wish other companies were like Nasuni.”

Since my first day at Nasuni, my mission has been to build a truly exceptional, world-class support and service organization. I’m grateful to work alongside such a dedicated group of professionals and to recognize their achievement in winning the NorthFace award.  And we’re thrilled to have such great customers that let us know how we’re delivering for them and are willing to provide the feedback to help us improve.  I’m proud of the work we’ve done thus far, and eager to continue driving for success for Nasuni and our customers in the future.

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