Nasuni Supports Azure Government to Extend Reach of Cloud File Services

Nasuni’s global file system with Azure Government storage is the modern way for agencies to consolidate NAS infrastructure and collaborate across boundaries.

August 1, 2018

As one of the world’s largest consumers of unstructured data, U.S. State and Local government agencies are generating massive quantities of files of all types and sizes – Microsoft Office documents, Adobe creative files, CAD, Lidar, video, audio, GIS, images, and more.

These files need to be stored, shared across multiple locations, accessible on-demand, and recoverable in minutes. And the traditional infrastructure and processes behind it – NAS, file servers, backup, DR, archive, volumes, shares, directories, data propagation – need to be modernized so IT has a more scalable, easier to manage file infrastructure that meets government demands.

In a guest post on the Microsoft Azure Government Blog, Nasuni CMO Tom Rose explains how Nasuni Cloud File Services now supports Azure Government cloud storage to help agencies consolidate outdated NAS and file server infrastructure and collaborate across agency boundaries.

“With the new Azure Government offering, Nasuni brings U.S. state and local government agencies and their partners a modern, cloud-based solution to consolidate NAS and remote office file data and enable collaboration across multiple offices.”

Learn how Nasuni UniFS®, the first global file system designed to scale inside object storage, brings all the capabilities of traditional NAS, file server, and archiving technologies to Azure Government storage.

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