Nasuni Selected as a Product of the Year

March 01, 2022 | Russ Kennedy Nasuni Selected as a Product of the Year

We’re excited to announce that Nasuni was selected as a product of the year by Storage magazine, earning a silver award in the cloud storage category. As TechTarget’s Tim McCarthy notes in his news article on the subject, the pandemic has had a massive effect on the cloud storage market, prompting companies to search for products that supported remote work and expanded data access. Nasuni was cited for the innovations and upgrades associated with our 9.3 release, including faster file synchronization, simpler management, and enhanced ransomware recovery capabilities.

The Storage Products of the Year contest is judged by industry experts, analysts and consultants, along with the editors at Storage and SearchStorage. The judges select 15 Products of the Year in five different categories. Nasuni was included in the Cloud Storage category, and while we do enable our customers to utilize cost-effective cloud object storage, we offer much more than capacity. Nasuni is a complete file data services platform that combines storage, data protection, global file synchronization, rapid ransomware recovery and more in one easy-to-manage solution.

As Storage notes, we’ve been on the podium before, back in the early days of our company in 2010. To be eligible for the award, your offering has to be a new or significantly upgraded storage-related enterprise product. That was a little easier back in 2010, when cloud storage itself was so new.

Developing breakthrough innovations is harder today in an increasingly crowded and competitive landscape, which is what makes this recognition satisfying. Last year was a great one for our business and bottom line, but we also released some really exciting technological advances, including Global File Acceleration (GFA). In fact, some of our large customers are seeing 50% improvements in global file synchronization times thanks to the real-time intelligence in GFA. We’ve been one of the leading providers of cloud file services for over a decade now, but as McCarthy notes, “Nasuni shows there is always a way to improve product performance.”

Overall, we’re thrilled the expert judges at Storage recognized the work our engineers have been doing to improve our file services platform and the new benefits we’re bringing to customers. We’re not done innovating, either so we’re hoping to see our logo on that list again in the future.

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