Nasuni Launches Innovation Centre in Ireland

March 31, 2022 | Matt McDonald Nasuni Launches Innovation Centre in Ireland

We have more exciting news to report on the innovation front.  The success of recent upgrades to the platform – including Global File Accelerator, our 9.5 release, and the launch of Nasuni Labs – cemented our leadership team’s belief that we need to continue doing everything we can to keep making the world’s best file services platform even better.  To that end, Nasuni is launching an Innovation Centre in Cork, Ireland that will be bolstered by the hiring of several new engineering teams.

The new footprint, which will begin as a remote work environment and soon expand to a physical facility, will be our fourth innovation hub and our first in the EU.  Our core technology and the engineering team that supports and advances it is essential to our mission at Nasuni.  We are also growing our presence in Benelux and London as part of our larger global expansion. Our customers are all over the globe. Our file services platform is deployed all over the globe. So, as a company, we are going to be in more global locations as well.

Nasuni Launches Innovation Centre in IrelandThe Innovation Centre in Ireland will be spearheaded by Derek Murphy, Vice President of Engineering, EMEA.  Derek is a tremendously successful engineering leader with a stellar record at Forcepoint, McAfee, Intel, Apple, and others.  A native of Ireland, he has been focusing on cloud software engineering and operations for 15 years and has scaled teams from one to 150 people.  At McAfee, he built out a cloud services engineering group across six countries and three continents. Plus, he lives outside Cork, and he is looking forward to drawing on Ireland’s talented engineering pool.  We’re thrilled to have him lead the EMEA engineering team.

The group will focus on the development of our cloud platform including data analytics, with an eye toward developing new and exciting capabilities for our global customers. This is an important time for Nasuni. More and more companies are moving infrastructure to the cloud. Enterprises are searching for ways to deal with the rising threat of ransomware and other cyberattacks. Our new Innovation Centre is going to help us capitalize on this opportunity and see to it that more of the largest companies in the world entrust Nasuni with their critical file data.

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