Nasuni CloudBound2020: File Storage Experts and IT Leaders Set to Discuss the Future of File Storage

Here’s what you can expect from attending Nasuni CloudBound2020, the only conference dedicated exclusively to cloud file storage.

September 8, 2020

File data and cloud infrastructure adoption is exploding and now more than ever IT leaders are looking for help to transition to the new norms of remote working. We were sitting around the virtual water cooler ok maybe it was one of our Friday Virtual Happy Hours and realized there is no conference dedicated to cloud file storage. Nasuni has been in the cloud file storage business for over a decade. In that time, we’ve partnered with the cloud leaders to help hundreds of large enterprises modernize their infrastructure and transition to cloud file storage. I’ve been lucky to be part of the teams delivering some of the best IT conferences on the planet (VMworld, VeeamON, etc.) so why couldn’t Nasuni – with our partners Microsoft, AWS, and Google – pull off an amazing event?!

That’s why we are very excited to be launching Nasuni CloudBound2020, a two-day online event dedicated to equipping today’s IT leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to modernize their file infrastructure. The event will feature file storage innovators, IT leaders from major global enterprises, and attendees facing some of the same challenges you’re likely dealing with on a day-to-day basis. Business, technical, and industry-specific tracks ensure that no matter how you’re thinking about this problem, you’ll get the content, feedback, guidance, and networking opportunities you need.  And don’t worry, we plan to throw in some cool off topic sessions and giveaways to ensure we have fun while learning.



Why does cloud file storage need its own conference? Unstructured file data is growing faster than any other segment. Companies are transitioning to cloud at an unprecedented pace, and yet file workloads can feel like an anchor tying you down to traditional data centers, NAS hardware, and legacy on-premises infrastructure. As enterprises like Ithaca Energy and Coffman Engineers have learned, it doesn’t need to be that way. The point of Nasuni CloudBound2020 is to help IT leaders identify innovative ways to manage, protect, share, and secure that file data at the right cost level.

A few of the many topics we’ll discuss over the two days include:

  • Modernizing File Infrastructure: Moving file storage to the cloud can be transformative; our experts will discuss how to analyze potential solutions, what to avoid, and how to identify a best-in-class system.
  • Cloud Virtual Desktops (VDI): Since the start of the pandemic we’ve seen a significant surge in VDI deployments. We’ll be reviewing the technical dos and don’ts, how to control costs, and why you need to keep your files close to your VDI instances.
  • Cost Savings: Cloud file storage can offer 50% cost savings – when it’s done right. Our experts will detail all the hard, soft, and hidden costs of file storage to give you the tools you need to run the most accurate cost analysis possible.
  • Remote Work: When the pandemic suddenly forced companies to shift to work-from-home and remote work models, some enterprises were ready. Some were not. Learn more about how the cloud helped companies like SDL transition to an all-remote workforce over a weekend.
  • Ransomware & Security: Nasuni has been a security-focused organization from our inception, and our panelists will talk through what it means to deliver secure cloud file storage and how to prepare for Ransomware attacks and other potential disasters.

The event is going to be packed with interesting attendees and experts. We’re expecting 2,000+ registrants from all over the world, representing a range of industries, including AEC, oil & gas, media & advertising, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. We’ll have great keynote speakers, networking opportunities, breakout sessions, and more.

Ultimately, the goal behind Nasuni CloudBound2020 is to help IT leaders solve that final piece of the cloud transformation puzzle – file storage. We’re looking forward to giving IT leaders the tools and knowledge to evaluate potential solutions and find the best way forward for their organization. Sign up today!

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