Nasuni Achieves Coveted AWS Outposts Ready Designation

September 16, 2020

We’re very excited to announce that Nasuni is officially a launch Partner for the new AWS Outposts Ready Program. Actually, AWS broke the news first as part of a larger announcement highlighting key partners that will help enterprise customers with their Outposts deployments. But we’re thrilled Nasuni received this designation.

So what is Outposts? Launched last year, Outposts is a fully managed service that allows you to deploy various AWS services locally. Customers effectively deploy a scaled-down version of an AWS data center within their own facility. Basically, this allows you to pull the power of the AWS cloud down into your data center. Yet it remains a subscription-based service. The Outpost just registers in your account as another AWS region.

The AWS Outposts Ready Program is designed to make it easier for customers to find tested, AWS-validated storage, networking, and security solutions to work in conjunction with their Outposts deployment. This is where Nasuni fits in. As a comprehensive cloud file storage solution, Nasuni spans offices, data centers, and the cloud, allowing enterprises to consolidate siloes of storage into a single global namespace.

Our cloud-native file system, UniFS®, is engineered to manage files of any size, volume or complexity. This technical distinction, combined with tremendous growth in file data from increasingly complex applications, has made Nasuni the platform of choice for some of the world’s largest architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing firms. These companies want to leverage the scale of the cloud to store file data, but they can’t sacrifice fast local performance. Their power users wouldn’t tolerate that.

Outposts is a perfect fit for such companies because it makes it easier for them to transition to the cloud. They can move their I/O heavy workloads into AWS, and take advantage of its compute infrastructure, while keeping the file data and the compute close to end users. In the past, companies have resorted to maintaining multiple file systems for different workloads. AWS Outposts means they can switch to a single, scalable file system.

Nasuni and Outposts are a powerful combination for engineering firms, but we’re also exploring many other use cases. For instance, our customers in the oil & gas industry often face challenges related to local data governance rules – or where the file data associated with a given office is allowed to reside. A hybrid solution like Nasuni can be enormously helpful in these scenarios, since it allows you to control where the cloud-based gold copy of each file physically resides, and where it can be accessed. In short, with Nasuni and Outposts, companies can have more flexibility and control when it comes to ever-changing data governance laws.

On the technical side, we were excited about the Outposts launch when it was first announced, since it only augments the strength of our platform. But this new partnership is equally exciting, as it serves as validation of both the Nasuni platform and our increasingly strong relationship with Amazon.

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