Cloud Storage Security: The Cloud vs. The Data Center

Reason 2 in the series Why Cloud Storage is Now as Secure as Traditional Data Center Storage. Cloud storage can now be deployed in your own data center.

April 19, 2018

Say “cloud storage” and some IT professionals think only of the public cloud – massive data centers around the world owned and operated by Amazon, Microsoft (Azure), and Google. Even with the security advantages described in my first post “Cloud Storage Security – Who Should Hold the Keys,” these IT pros would feel more comfortable hosting cloud storage within their own data centers and security perimeters.

Cloud Storage Can Now Be Deployed in Your Own Data Center

Many enterprises are now realizing the benefits of cloud storage – modular building blocks that are easy to scale at very low cost – from within the cozy confines of their own data centers. These “private cloud” solutions include:

and others. All provide highly scalable, cost-efficient storage deployed in your own data centers using software or appliances running on industry-standard, certified hardware. The systems are designed to scale easily by simply adding storage nodes for capacity or accessor nodes for more throughput.

The only component needed to let these private cloud storage platforms completely replace traditional file servers, NAS, backup, archive, disaster recovery, and multi-site file synchronization is a global file system from a vendor such as Nasuni.

So, if you don’t feel comfortable putting your data in the public cloud, keep it inside your data center on your own private cloud. It will be more secure than traditional file storage, since all the encryption, compression, and deduplication camouflage layers still apply.

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