Cloud News: Nasuni Now Supports Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier

Nasuni Chief Product Officer Russ Kennedy announces the company’s support of the new Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier for enterprise cloud storage customers.

August 10, 2023

As of July 1st, Nasuni fully supports the new Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier. Previously, Azure allowed customers to store data in three tiers — hot, cool, and archive — based on how frequently you need to access the data and how long you expect it will be retained. The Cold Tier adds a layer between cool and archive that should prove very attractive to our customers. Nasuni is an Azure Gold Status partner, and this latest milestone in our longstanding relationship is exciting for a few reasons for enterprise cloud storage customers.

1. Our customers will save more

The pricing for the new cold tier of storage is positioned between cool and archive. At Nasuni, we will make it easy for customers to leverage the lower costs of this new tier while driving significant savings in other areas. One of the primary economic benefits of transitioning to Nasuni is that you no longer need separate backup, disaster recovery, or file sharing solutions. Nasuni delivers everything you need to store, protect, manage, collaborate on and extend access to file data in a single cloud-native platform. As a result, organizations typically save in the range of 50% on total cost of ownership when they transition to Nasuni, and Azure’s new cold tier could help our customers save even more.

2. Nasuni is unique in the Azure marketplace

Selecting the right file data services solution can be confusing and time-consuming. The Azure Customer Portal presents three main file storage options: Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files, and Nasuni with Azure Blob. All three count toward your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment and at times they even sound similar. Yet there are very real and very important differences. My colleague Tom Rose created a Buyer’s Guide to help potential customers navigate the space, and choose the solution that best matches their needs. We’ve done extensive work with Azure to delineate where we fit, and this is paying off in the form of unprecedented momentum.

3. Our Azure growth is accelerating

Passing 100PB of file data under management in Azure was a significant milestone for our company, especially as it came right on the heels of our $100M ARR announcement. Yet as we looked at our Azure growth rate again recently, we uncovered another startling statistic. As a company, it took us a full 7 years to reach our first 37PB of file data under management in Azure, but we added our most recent 37PB in just 7 months.

The market has changed. The move to enterprise cloud storage is less a risk than a strategic and budgetary necessity. But our momentum isn’t just about market forces. Nasuni’s partnership with Azure is strengthening because of the technical and economic benefits of our platform, our company-wide focus on easing migrations to the cloud, and our great relationship with our partners at Microsoft, who recognize Nasuni’s unique value. We’re proud of all the success we’ve had as an Azure Gold Status partner, and we’re very excited about growing our footprint at an even faster rate with this new Cold Tier.

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