5 Things on Every IT Leader’s Wishlist This Year

December 08, 2021 | Stephen Skidmore 5 Things on Every IT Leader’s Wishlist This Year

While we don’t know exactly what every IT professional has on their holiday wish list, we do have a pretty decent idea of the storage-related and backup-related desires. Here’s a quick rundown of what Nasuni customers will be enjoying over the break, and what every IT Pro with cloud on the mind should have on their holiday wish list.

1. More Time

We all want more time to spend with our friends and families over the holidays – or more time away from them. Either way, no one wants to be wasting these next few weeks managing storage capacity, backup, users, volumes, replication schedules, and other mundane tasks. Nasuni customers won’t have to worry about any of that, and it’s one of the benefits our customers frequently cite once they’re up and running. With Nasuni on your side, you’ll actually find time for more important, strategic projects – or to kick back and relax.

2. Peace & Quiet

Sadly, users rarely contact IT when everything’s going well. They’re quick to complain, not compliment. So, in IT, quiet is good. Quiet means everything’s working as hoped, and the quiet Nasuni provides is a welcome surprise to our new customers. Your internal customers stop complaining about lost files or folders or running out of drive space. And when those complaints cease, IT enjoys unexpected peace.

3. Super Hero Status

Everyone wants credit for their work, right? Nasuni gives IT leaders a chance to be seen as true leaders within their companies. Files are often one of the last workloads to move to the cloud, and moving them there with Nasuni makes IT professionals look like innovators within the organization. Too often, IT gets pinned as the department of “No.” But if you have a large cloud-first strategy underway at your company, switching to Nasuni is a chance to change that.

Plus, you’re going to unlock all kinds of new powers. With your ability to quickly restore files and folders, expand capacity in a flash, and unlock collaboration, you’ll basically be transforming into an IT superhero. So go ahead, put on that cape. If Avengers HQ needs a new IT guru, you’re it.

4. More Budget

No, we can’t increase your budget – that would be a very useful superpower for us – but we can drastically reduce what you pay for file storage and data protection. Nasuni allows customers to enjoy cost-effective object storage, eliminate separate backup and DR solutions, and transform file storage and data protection into predictable, easier-to-budget opex costs. By slashing those costs, we free up money so that you can spend it elsewhere.

5. Grinch Protection

The grinch of today’s business world doesn’t have green skin or wear a Santa Claus costume. Its heart isn’t three sizes too small, either – ransomware has no heart at all! And nothing threatens to ruin the holidays for IT like a potentially devastating and thoroughly Grinchy ransomware attack. With Nasuni’s rapid ransomware recovery capabilities, however, our customers won’t have to worry. Neither should you. Nasuni will help you restore millions of files faster than Santa can finish his milk and cookies.

In the spirit of the holidays, we hope you get to enjoy all these things whether you’d upgraded to Nasuni or not. But do yourself – and your organization – a favor and accelerate your migration to the cloud with Nasuni today.

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