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Google Cloud and Nasuni

Save 70% of the cost of traditional file infrastructure when you use Nasuni – a Google Cloud Premier Partner – to consolidate, manage, and protect files in Google Cloud

The combination of Google Cloud with the Nasuni platform gives enterprises a more powerful, cost-effective way to store, protect, and share file data.

Move from local file storage hardware into cost-effective object storage. The Nasuni File Data Platform caches files locally for fast access — so there are no performance tradeoffs. It takes the best of traditional NAS systems but adds cloud flexibility.

Get the power of Google Cloud’s highly durable object storage plus the benefits of consolidating data and accessing files at high speeds from anywhere. The Nasuni File Data Platform can help organizations shift capacity off local file storage hardware and into cost-effective object storage. The technology caches files locally or in a Google Cloud region for fast access, offers continuous data protection that eliminates backup, and enables efficient global collaboration between locations.

Enable efficient collaboration across the globe

You don’t need a bunch of remote access and file transfer infrastructure like MPLS and WAN acceleration hardware, FTP, or enterprise file syncing tools. Nasuni does it all via a global namespace easily accessed from the edge.

Retire your hardware and move to the cloud

Using Nasuni’s cloud-native platform – which manages files from the cloud instead of hardware – is the easiest way to retire Windows File Servers and all the work and expense of storing, backing up, and managing data, plus patches and hardware refreshes.

Maximize performance at the edge

Nasuni caches the most recently used files at the edge for fast access without cloud latency.

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