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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Nasuni

Consolidate NAS and file server silos in Amazon S3 at half the cost

The AWS and Nasuni partnership gives you everything you need to revolutionize your data infrastructure and move to the cloud.

Cloud-native Nasuni manages your files in low-cost Amazon S3 object storage — but bypasses traditional performance tradeoffs by intelligently caching files locally. Your teams access them instantly through SMB (CIFS), NFS, SFTP, and object (S3) protocols.

In addition to our AWS ISV Accelerate Differentiated partnership status, Nasuni satisfies the AWS Well-Architected framework standard. As an AWS partner, Nasuni helps customers and ISV partners build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient storage infrastructure possible.

Multiple locations, multiple protocols: No problem

As an AWS partner, file data stored in Nasuni on Amazon S3 can be efficiently synced and shared with multiple locations to support effective collaboration between teams – all while using the file or object protocol of your choice

Eliminate backup and disaster recovery software

Nasuni automatically backs up your files hundreds of times a day — and in the event of a disaster or breach, you can restore the most recent version in seconds or minutes

Extract the value of file data with AI/ML services

Looking at GenAI or other ways to extract value out of your file data? Nasuni can efficiently connect your files to Amazon AI and machine learning applications, such as Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Q, and Amazon Rekognition

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Customer testimonials

Using Nasuni and AWS enables us to retire a large number of local Windows file servers at different sites in the company resulting in a savings in hardware, software and administration. The archiving in AWS also saves us money for long term storage of data that is no longer being updated. i.e. historical data. The backup and restore is much easier by having everything in AWS S3 storage.

Stewart McKenna, Infrastructure Specialist, American Axle & Manufacturing

The AWS & Nasuni combination is benefitting our organisation by offering us the ability to scale out into the cloud with no additional hardware on-premise. The best features of the AWS & Nasuni cloud file storage solution are the snapshots and instant restore functionality and the Admin Console for management of the filers and file shares.

Richard McGregor, Global Server & Storage Manager, Conde Nast

Nasuni has harnessed the power of AWS to create a seamless, efficient file system with limitless storage, low file RPO and easy administration. Taking our unstructured data out of the traditional disk-to-disk-tape backup paradigm has greatly reduced backup administration, accelerated file recoveries 100-fold and given us peace of mind regarding the threat of ransomware.

Kenneth Borthwick, Sr. Director of Infrastructure, Movado

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