The Top 10 Nasuni Blogs of 2023

Nasuni Social Media Specialist Elena Wood shares the top ten enterprise cloud storage blog posts of 2023 in her latest blog.

January 17, 2024

Before we race too far ahead into the new year and new stories, we wanted to share the top Nasuni blogs of 2023. While we’re all overwhelmed by content these days, this is a chance to quickly catch up on some of our top pieces, enhance your enterprise cloud storage expertise, and learn more about how to leverage the cloud for your organization.

1. How Nasuni Really Works

Over the last few years, we’ve been busy adding features and capabilities to the Nasuni File Data Platform. This piece from Chief Innovation Officer Jim Liddle gets back to the basics. Jim explains the roots of our enterprise cloud storage technology and why it’s so different from the other solutions on the market.

2. Nasuni Releases Microsoft Sentinel Integration & Targeted Restores to Simplify Enterprise Data Security

We knew organizations wanted us to integrate with Microsoft Sentinel, but the unexpected popularity of this post shows how important the move was to enterprises. The introduction of targeted restores – the latest in our stream of ransomware defense innovations – likely drew in a strong percentage of readers of this post, too.

3. SharePoint Sites vs. File Shares

This 2020 story from Nasuni founder Andres Rodriguez remains relevant today. It’s also similar to Jim’s piece above in that it addresses an apparently simple, but important question. Why does a global enterprise need file shares in the first place? Why not just rely on SharePoint Sites? Andres breaks down the reasons.

I’d recommend his post on what makes a technology a service as well. It’s essential reading for anyone evaluating service offerings.

4. The Future of Edge Computing: Enabling a Distributed Workforce with Nasuni Access Anywhere

5. Why Nasuni Acquired Storage Made Easy

The popularity of these two stories, which cover the evolution of our Nasuni Access Anywhere service, is no surprise. As more companies embrace hybrid work models, they need to find ways to provide their employees with fast, secure access to files from anywhere.

6. Make the Right Play with Our New Buyer’s Guide to Storing Files in Azure

Our cloud partners are essential to our success, and this piece and the associated guide are essential reading for anyone looking to take advantage of the cost savings and scale of Azure.

7. 4 Reasons Hybrid Apparel Relies on Nasuni’s Global File System

We always love sharing customer stories, but they’re even better when written by the customer. This post from one of our friends at Hybrid Apparel really focuses on the difference Nasuni makes in the day-to-day life of an IT director. He doesn’t lose sleep anymore!

8. Ability to Execute: Why I Joined Nasuni

Our people team works hard to maintain a great culture here at Nasuni. Hiring the right talent is only part of that effort, but it’s an important part, and the “Why I Joined Nasuni” stories from our new leaders are always popular. This one from Chief Revenue Officer Pete Agresta hones in on the company, our technology, and the tremendous market opportunity.

9. The New Era of Hybrid Cloud Storage: Gartner’s Top Trends in Enterprise Storage

Gartner’s 2023 report on the top trends in enterprise cloud storage doesn’t mention Nasuni or any other vendors, yet we were thrilled to share some of the key takeaways in this post, as they line up perfectly with our own view of the market and the needs of the enterprise. Consumption-based storage models are going to triple their stake of overall enterprise capacity in the next five years, and our hybrid cloud storage service is built to capitalize on this trend.

10. Infographic: Top 3 Questions About Migrating to the Cloud

At this point, just about every enterprise IT leader knows they need to move their organization’s file data to the cloud. But migrations are still terrifying! This easy-to-read infographic is a great asset for companies just starting out on their cloud adventure, as it details the top three migration concerns we hear at Nasuni – and how we manage them.

The list doesn’t include all our best pieces – we’re also fond of this one on how Nasuni will make your life easier – but it does give us some really useful insights into what our readers want and need to know. We’ll be using this feedback to shape our editorial calendar in the months ahead, tapping our experts for their knowledge and insights, and sharing some of the many exciting developments in the works at Nasuni for 2024 and beyond. Follow along as Nasuni continues to advance our enterprise cloud storage solutions throughout the digital era.

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