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The Nasuni Cloud Storage Service

Nasuni’s enterprise cloud storage solution is the fastest way to move your customers to the cloud. Unstructured file data is growing at an incredible rate and IT organizations are struggling to manage such file growth and sprawl. Nasuni provides globally distributed organizations with a simple, unified storage solution. By combining local filers with cloud storage, Nasuni delivers a secure, all-in-one data storage solution that replaces multiple traditional costly systems. Nasuni consolidates all the components required to store, protect and access data. Most customers save over 50% versus traditional storage solutions.

Grow your Cloud Storage Practice

Partners realize that they need a strong cloud offering to satisfy their customers new storage priorities around increased access, infinite scalability, globally supported and reduced cost. The Nasuni Service is a great addition to your growing cloud business. The reoccurring revenue model of our Storage Service drives a high margin annuity stream while increasing your professional services offerings. Combining the Nasuni service with the additional value in moving your customers storage to the cloud will drive incremental revenue and help grow your cloud practice.

Cloud Storage Starter Packs

All Nasuni partners will have the ability to market and sell the cloud storage Starter Packs. This is a great entry point offering to start the conversation about moving a customers storage to the cloud The Starter Packs include:1-5-20

Nasuni Partner Connect Benefits

Each Nasuni partner has very specific business goals, objectives and requirements around their cloud storage practice. The Nasuni Partner Connect program is no-cost to join and no minimum revenue commitments in the first year of the program. Partner Connect program allows each partner to tailor its program to specific and customer needs, supporting each with a variety of programs to help ensure success. These include:

Sales & Marketing Support

Software & Product Support

We want to help you spread the word about our game-changing services and give you a best in class solution to offer your end-user customers. You work with loyal clients who rely on you to bring them the best offerings to keep their offices running at the speed of business. Nasuni delivers a storage solution with incredible flexibility, infinite scalability and hardcore reliability.

If your company is interested in building or growing its cloud storage practice please complete the online partner application form.

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