Nasuni Receives Patent That Further Cements Its Leadership in Hybrid Cloud Storage

Nasuni receives patent for Global File Lock technology that enables true global collaboration, cementing its leadership in hybrid cloud storage.|Nasuni receives patent for Global File Lock technology that enables true global collaboration, cementing its leadership in hybrid cloud storage.|Nasuni receives patent for Global File Lock technology that enables true global collaboration, cementing its leadership in hybrid cloud storage.

September 10, 2019

Patented Global File Lock Technology Enables True Global Collaboration; Users Around the World can Simultaneously Work on the Same Files Without Version Conflict

BOSTON – Sept. 10, 2019 – Nasuni®, a leading provider of cloud file services, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently issued U.S. Patent No. 10,311,153 for a “versioned file system with global lock” that covers Nasuni Global File Lock® technology.

Nasuni provides software-defined technology solutions and services that make it possible for enterprises to overcome their most pressing file-related challenges. To date, Nasuni has received 10 patents for innovations associated with Nasuni Cloud Files Services and additional patents are pending. Nasuni’s solutions are powered by its patented UniFS® technology, the first cloud-native global file system.

Nasuni enables enterprises to modernize their legacy approach to file infrastructure by consolidating Network Attached Storage (NAS), backup, disaster recovery and WAN acceleration technologies with one solution that dramatically reduces cost and complexity. Customers can use cloud object storage as “the new disk” with the performance, control and security that corporate IT departments have come to expect from the most robust on-premises file servers. And with Nasuni, organizations can realize the unlimited capacity, inherent resiliency, geographic reach and economy of the cloud while still maintaining the most stringent file access controls.

Users across the globe enjoy immediate high-performance access to files when using the Nasuni platform. The “gold copy” of all files reside in cloud storage, while active files are cached at the edge of the network for immediate, low-latency access.

“One of the most appealing aspects of cloud technology is that it enables the storage of massive quantities of data while still allowing for full collaboration between people,” said David Shaw, chief science officer at Nasuni. “To really make this collaboration useful, the cloud needs the ability to “lock” files, such that multiple users around the world can properly hand off data between one another with the assurance that all contributions are maintained and that all users see changes as they are made.”

Utilizing Nasuni Global File Lock, users can collaborate with one another when working on even very large files, like those created by Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, Microsoft Office, and Siemens TeamCenter applications. Because only changes to active files are propagated to the “gold copy” in the cloud and then to other edge locations, Nasuni delivers extremely high transmission rates that far exceed those achieved with WAN acceleration and other file synchronization technologies.

Nasuni Global File Lock also includes intelligence that determines when a “local lock” at the edge of the network is sufficient or when a full global lock is required.  Notably, Nasuni offers its Global File Lock as a scalable cloud service.

Nasuni’s technology works with common file-based forms of unstructured data and supports industry standards, including SMB (CIFS) and NFS file sharing protocols and Active Directory and LDAP authentication and access protocols. These include the documents, spreadsheets, and presentations omnipresent in business as well as industry-specific files such as software code, CAD, and video used in the architecture, engineering, media, and manufacturing industries.

Leaders in many industry segments use Nasuni and the patented Nasuni Global File Lock technology to enable their teams around the world to work more effectively, improve productivity and save time.

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About Nasuni

Nasuni delivers a single software platform to store, protect, synchronize, and collaborate on unstructured file data at scale. Nasuni Cloud File Services™, powered by the patented UniFS® global file system, leverages cloud storage to modernize primary NAS and file server storage; file archiving; backup; and disaster recovery, while offering transformational new capabilities for multi-site file collaboration. By combining the low cost, unlimited capacity, and durability of private or public cloud object storage with the high performance, security, and broad application compatibility of traditional disk-based file storage, the Nasuni subscription service improves workforce productivity, simplifies IT operations, and reduces IT costs. Nasuni operates globally from its worldwide headquarters in Boston, Mass., USA. 

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