Cloud File Services

Nasuni is the cloud-based platform that enables you to store, protect, synchronize, and collaborate on all your unstructured file data, from actively used to inactive, across all locations. It’s better NAS, at half the cost.

Nasuni Product Overview

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What is Cloud File Services?

A software-defined platform that consolidates Network Attached Storage (NAS), distributed file servers, data protection, instant recovery, file archiving, multi-site file synchronization, and global file locking in one simple, scalable solution that spans the data center and the cloud.

Nasuni Platform Offerings

Nasuni PRIMARY and ARCHIVE standard services modernize traditional NAS, file server, and archiving workloads. Nasuni SYNCHRONIZE and COLLABORATE premium services take multi-site file sharing to new levels. All services are powered by the patented UniFS® global file system, which makes private or public cloud object storage the best place to store your files.

Primary file storage, backup, and DR for traditional NAS and file server workloads.

Affordable, long-term file storage and rapid retrieval for cool file workloads.

Multi-site file sharing, large file transfer, and version alignment.

Patent-pending, global file locking for multi-site collaboration without version conflict.

The New Standard in Scalable File Storage

Nasuni Cloud File Services is designed for the “new disk” – private (on-premises) or public cloud object storage. Freed from hardware constraints, you can provision limitless primary or archive capacity in minutes. Retain infinite versions of every file. Access file shares and project directories anywhere, anytime. No more out-of-space issues. No more backup pain. No more remote access and replication delays. No more forklift upgrades.

A Local NAS Experience, Everywhere

Nasuni Edge Appliances intelligently cache frequently used files from object storage. Deploy physical or virtual appliances in your headquarters and branch offices for NAS-level file sharing performance. Deploy virtual appliances in the cloud to be near your analytics or for easy DR. Regardless, you’ll only need a fraction of the resources you needed before for the same fast file access. It’s like stuffing 50 pounds of potatoes into a 5-pound bag.

Your Choice of Cloud

Pick the public or private cloud object storage that makes the most sense for your business. Use multiple clouds to meet specific regional or business requirements. With Nasuni’s multi-cloud support, you won’t be locked in.

Safe and Secure

Locally, file access is controlled by the same Active Directory or LDAP authentication you use today. In transit and at rest in cloud object storage, file data is encrypted with keys you control. And with an immutable version history of every file change, you can recover files quickly to any point in time without the cost and complexity of traditional file backup. File storage doesn’t get safer or easier to manage.

Benefits for IT and End Users

  • Simplify IT
  • Reduce costs ~70%
  • Accelerate cloud-first initiatives
  • Support multi-cloud strategy
  • Maximize IT agility & flexibility

  • Boost productivity
  • Enable real-time collaboration
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Achieve growth objectives
  • Gain infinite capacity