David Shaw

Chief Science Officer

David Shaw is the main architect of the Nasuni platform. A uniquely qualified security expert, his patents include file system design and distributed data storage design, among others.

An early interest in security and privacy led David to contribute to the GnuPG project, an effort to create a free and portable implementation of the OpenPGP standard. This in turn led to involvement with the IETF OpenPGP Working Group, and contributions to RFC-4880, the OpenPGP standard. His security expertise was leveraged at Archivas, where David worked on encryption at rest as well as large scale storage and file systems, which he continued after the company’s acquisition by Hitachi Data Systems.

Upon joining Nasuni, David focused on making security so simple and automatic that it was always on, and ensuring that Nasuni itself does not have access to customer data. David has also built much of the system that chunks files into smaller, encrypted pieces, and contributes to the development of Nasuni’s intelligent caching algorithms.

Although he has been coding since middle school, David began his career in film, working on numerous television programs and movies in roles as diverse as puppet engineering and camera operation. Before long, though, his passion for programming took over. After pursuing a degree in computer science, David joined Akamai in 1998, where he wrote the video-streaming code that enabled the company to broadcast live events such as the famed Apple keynotes of Steve Jobs.

David remains a Core Developer on the GnuPG project. He has a BFA degree in Cinematography from the School of Visual Arts and an MSE degree in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University.