D+M Group, Maker of Sound Solutions Like HEOS and Boston Acoustics, Chooses Nasuni as its Integrated File Services Solution

D+M Group Chooses Nasuni as its Integrated File Services Solution|D+M Group Chooses Nasuni as its Integrated File Services Solution

July 20, 2016

With 45 TB of Files in Nasuni, Benefits to D+M Group Include Unlimited Capacity, Automatic Backup, Instant DR, Access Anywhere, and Simple Centralized Management

DM-Group-LogoNATICK, Mass. – July 20, 2016 – Nasuni®, the leading provider of Enterprise File Services, today announced that D+M Group is using Nasuni to store 45 TB of file data and give employees at multiple offices in the United States, Europe and Japan fast access to the corporate file share. In addition, Nasuni eliminated the need to back up file data, as data protection and disaster recovery are built into the Nasuni architecture. In fact, despite several ransomware attacks which successfully encrypted files, thanks to Nasuni, D+M Group did not have to pay ransom because it was able to recover quickly from a snapshot that was no more than 15 minutes old.

Nasuni provides secure enterprise storage for files of all kinds and combines the value and reach of the cloud with the power of local access to deliver unprecedented security and performance. The result is a single cloud-based file system that delivers unlimited scalability, built-in data protection and fast, secure file access to users everywhere – even on mobile devices. All data, both in transport and at rest, is encrypted using keys that only D+M controls – neither Nasuni nor its cloud partners ever have access to D+M’s data. Backup is eliminated, as is the costly hardware upgrade cycle associated with traditional storage solutions – a cycle that is no longer sustainable as file data volumes continue to increase.

With Nasuni, enterprises gain a complete and cost-effective file solution with an unmatched user experience. Nasuni has never suffered a corruption event and currently has more than 12 PB of storage under management.

D+M Group delivers innovative, high-quality sound solutions through many different brands, including Boston Acoustics, Denon, HEOS and Marantz. Headquartered in Japan, the company has more than 1,000 employees in 30 countries. D+M Group has expanded through acquisition, which created serious storage challenges. At one time, the company had 62 offices with 62 different storage systems. Over time, the IT organization consolidated to three major data centers serving 30 different offices, but while this approach, boosted by WAN acceleration, improved performance, it did not scale. The growth of unstructured data drove up storage and backup costs, and IT struggled to provide adequate data protection and access. Engineers in some locations relied on USB drives and other insecure methods to give themselves remote and mobile access to files.

“With Nasuni, enterprises gain a complete and cost-effective file solution with an unmatched user experience.”

With Nasuni, D+M Group has been able to reduce and control the cost of unstructured data growth, and employees now have fast access to files from every location and device. No one needs to rely on USB drives anymore for data backup and file sharing. Security is much stronger. All files are encrypted before moving to the cloud using keys controlled only by D+M Group, and the utility of Nasuni’s automatic data protection has already proved itself many times over. Thanks to Nasuni, D+M Group has thwarted the ransomware attacks that nearly all enterprises are encountering these days.

Nasuni enables users to restore deleted files themselves, and also to share files with external partners on their own through a simple interface, while providing IT with the controls and limits it needs to maintain security. D+M Group can do all this without needing to to add guest user IDs and can also set access expiration times. And these limits are simple to construct and standardize for the firm as a whole or by individual file share.

DM-Group-heos7“It just works,” said Scott Strickland, Global CIO of D+M Group. “IT can remotely manage storage and control access at any location through the Nasuni Management Console, and I never have to get involved in storage at all. It’s a truly global solution with best-in-class DR that leverages infrastructure I can trust. And to top it all off, it costs less than our previous solution!”

The transition to Nasuni has been completely painless, said Tony Scrimenti, director of global infrastructure and vendor management at D+M Group. “Most of the team did not even know they had been moved to a new system,” Scrimenti said. “People get a little nervous when we tell them it’s cloud. But then we tell them they’ve been on it for the last six months and they say, ‘Oh, we have?’”

“Nasuni has reduced our workloads and storage costs while providing a global file replication/transport system,” Scrimenti added. “This enables global collaboration with the performance of a local file system while enabling business continuity and disaster recovery across our data centers, which is key for our mission critical data and app server backups.”

“There’s no reason for the enterprise to rely on unscalable file storage solutions that can’t provide fast global access,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “Nasuni delivers unlimited capacity, access from anywhere and built-in data protection, all in a unified, easy-to-manage solution that costs a fraction of what traditional file storage systems cost. Nasuni is delivering the future of file storage to our customers today.”

Hear directly from Tony Scrimenti, Director, Global Infrastructure and Vendor Management and Scott Strickland, Global CIO, as they discuss how D+M Group was able to enhance storage, protection, access and management with a unified global file system.

About Nasuni

Nasuni is an enterprise storage company that provides distributed organizations with a powerful enterprise file services solution. By combining on-premises hardware and software with cloud storage, Nasuni delivers a secure data storage solution that provides high performance for users, simplified and centralized management for IT, and an easily scalable, complete storage service for the global enterprise. Nasuni is privately held and based in Natick, Mass. For more information, visit www.nasuni.com

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