Disaster Recovery

Traditional approaches to disaster recovery are expensive and complex. Nasuni delivers rapid recovery, guaranteed reliability and simplified management, all at a fraction of the cost of standard disaster recovery solutions.


The Truth About Disaster Recovery

When it comes to file access, no disaster is minor. A power outage confined to an office complex and a major storm that knocks out a city’s electrical grid pose the same threat to business productivity. If end users cannot access files, they cannot do their jobs. For this reason, a viable disaster recovery (DR) strategy is a critical piece of every organization’s IT plan. Unfortunately, companies have been forced to depend on DR solutions that are complex and expensive. A business might spend significant dollars on a system that replicates files from one location to a redundant data center across a town or city. Unfortunately, this strategy only protects against a disaster which strikes that one location. In the case of a major regional storm, both data centers could be cut off, preventing any sort of short-term recovery.

Rapid Recovery, Guaranteed Reliability

Nasuni combines the power of cloud storage with integrated data protection, reducing costs by eliminating the need for a separate disaster recovery system. While frequently accessed files are cached locally for fast performance, the master copies of all files are stored in the cloud. In the event of a disaster, IT can restore access to end users in just 15 minutes by spinning up a new, secure virtual machine that points to that office’s designated cloud volume. Or if there’s available infrastructure, IT can eliminate the 15 minutes by keeping a VM hot. Either way, employees can quickly resume working, at home or elsewhere, on the same business files. Our clients do not pay extra for this capability. With Nasuni, DR is included, and our clients still save between 40-60% relative to traditional storage solutions.

“We now have unlimited retention with Nasuni so we can restore or recover files from as far back as we want. Nasuni delivers storage, replication, backup and disaster recovery in a single solution, giving us the true business continuity we were looking for all along.”

— Sandy Bodell, Vice President of Information Technology, Cooley Group

A Single, Unified Solution – Recently, vendors have begun offering disaster recovery as a service solutions that back up data to the cloud. While these systems may address the geo-redundancy problem, they only add costs and management complexities. Nasuni simplifies the entire storage environment by combining storage, backup and DR into a single solution that is remarkably easy to manage.

Simple, Rapid Recovery– Once a Nasuni appliance is running in an office, IT can manage that location remotely using the Nasuni Management Console, or NMC. In the event of a disaster, IT can spin up a new virtual machine that points to that location’s designated cloud volume, remotely restoring access to end users in 15 minutes – guaranteed.

Automatic Geo-Redundancy– Multiple copies of every snapshot are stored in the cloud, both within datacenters and across geographic regions. Three copies are stored in each of two separate datacenters situated at least 100 miles away from one another. This way, our clients are fully protected in the event of a major disaster. For compliance, Nasuni clients also have the option to choose the regional location of the cloud data centers.

Easy Remote Testing – The difficulty of testing DR often prevents companies from completing this task on a regular basis. With Nasuni, IT can easily conduct disaster-related file drills, testing both reliability and speed by spinning up a virtual machine and establishing access to that volume within 15 minutes.

Significant Cost Savings – By simplifying management, unifying multiple solutions and eliminating the need for redundant data centers for backup and DR, Nasuni saves its clients both in pure dollar terms and in IT hours. Overall, Nasuni clients are saving as much as 40% – 60% against traditional offerings.


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5 Ways Cloud-integrated Storage Reduces Costs

5 Ways Cloud-integrated Storage Reduces Costs

Whether you are struggling with protecting data in all of your offices, managing data growth or just making backups work, Nasuni can save you money right now. One leading architecture customer reduced a $3M investment to only $200K in the first year!


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