Cloud Storage

The next generation hard drive, cloud storage provides an unlimited pool of raw storage that can grow on demand and never needs to be backed up

Just as disk drives have been used for years as the building blocks of traditional storage arrays, Nasuni leverages enterprise cloud storage to deliver a fully-integrated storage and cloud solution. This raw component is a unique storage system that delivers redundant, protected and scalable storage – however it is slow, requires a new access system and does not interface with existing applications.

Nasuni uses cloud storage as a component of a larger solution – building upon its strengths and overcoming its limitations. “Cloud” isn’t the end goal – it’s an integrated part of the product. As a result we continuously evaluate the best possible cloud storage vendors and guarantee levels of service and protection not available from any other enterprise storage vendors.


How Cloud Storage Works

Learn the basics of cloud storage and how Nasuni integrates this incredible storage technology into the solution

Nasuni Benefits

Unlimited Scalability

Imagine a storage system that provides unlimited capacity and infinite scaling at the click of a button - now you can with Nasuni

Object Architecture

Cloud Storage is an object-based storage system built on commodity servers and storage. By combining hundreds of thousands of commodity servers to create a Redundant Array of Independent Nodes (RAIN), cloud storage is inherently protected. Should one node fail, the system will make new copies of the data across other available nodes. As many as six copies of data are maintained at any given time – far more than the average enterprise keeps today. This architecture also means that servers can be added, and the system can grow an “infinite pool” of storage linearly without any degradation at scale.

In addition to multiple copies of data in a single location, the Cloud Storage Providers used by Nasuni maintain data centers throughout the world. This global presence ensures greater protection of the data and faster access as these data centers act like a CDN. Combined with caching at each Nasuni end-point, this ensures the local experience for Nasuni customers and end-users.

Only the Best

In addition to the automatic encryption of all data by the Filer, Nasuni exclusively partners with the industry’s leading Cloud Storage Providers. Our partners are reviewed annually in our State of Cloud Storage report, which evaluates each CSP on several metrics including performance, stability and scalability. This review includes proprietary cloud-testing methodologies that determine the viability of a cloud to survive a catastrophic failure, ensuring that your data remains safe in any contingency.

For those customers who require even greater levels of data availability, Nasuni provides Cloud Mirroring, the only cross-cloud storage replication system available today that completely eliminates the impact of a cloud outage.

In addition to high levels of availability and redundancy, the cloud storage providers that Nasuni have earned the highest level of security certifications and accreditations, such as:

  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance
  • HIPAA and PII compliance
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • FIPS Publication 140-2 standard


Cloud storage is the common name of a storage technology known as object storage. Object storage is a unique system that has both unique strengths – like inherent data protection – and weaknesses – like eventual consistency. Nasuni engineers have been building object storage since 2003 and know the intricate details of these systems. It was this expertise that led the Nasuni team to treat object storage as a WORM system and helped build the basis of the patented UniFS filesystem.

WORM object storage makes writing files easy, but editing them impossible. Nasuni’s unlimited snapshot model builds upon this architecture to deliver a storage system where the “past” never changes. This means that data written and used previously will never change – a perfect version history is maintained forever. This has obvious benefits for compliance but it also allows Nasuni to deliver much higher levels of data protection and availability through Cloud Mirroring and Cloud-to-Cloud Migration – something not available in any other Cloud-integrated Storage offerings.

Fully Integrated

Nasuni is responsible for account provisioning, management, billing and support. Unlike CSPs, Nasuni customers are never charged for monthly usage spikes or access changes. Customers are billed annually for usable storage, allowing enterprises to make intelligent forecasts about their costs and minimize risk. No special tools are needed to monitor usage within the Nasuni solution.

Unlike other enterprise file storage offerings, Nasuni is the only Cloud-integrated Storage solution to stand behind the integrated offering. When support issues arise, customers work with our US-based, 24/7/365 support team to diagnose and troubleshoot any and all issues – regardless of whether the issue lies in the Nasuni Filer or in the Cloud Storage. This single point of contact for support ensures the absolute best experience for our customers and guarantees Nasuni will never point the finger at any cloud storage vendor.

Rather than guarantees regarding cloud specific or hardware specific aspects of the offering, Nasuni’s stands behind a guarantee that covers the complete solution. Extensive in nature and exhaustive in penalties, it is one of the key aspects that sets Nasuni apart from both cloud and storage companies.

Additional Features:

Multiple copies of data : Nasuni cloud storage includes multiple copies of data across multiple data centers and geographiesUnified billing: All aspects of the Nasuni system (cloud storage and on-premises hardware) are purchased annually and do not require additional vendorsComprehensive SLA: The Nasuni solution is backed by our extensive Service Level Agreement
Single line-item billing: Customers purchase Nasuni in Usable TB per year with no hidden fees or supplementary charges for data usage or accessIndividual account credentials: No customers share CSP account credentials ensuring that malicious acts by one or more users can not impact other customers
Geographic control: Granular control over datasets that may need to remain within a specific region or geography for compliance reasonsGuaranteed availability & accessibility: Nasuni’s SLA covers data availability and accessibility, guaranteeing that customers data will always be where it is needed when it is needed