Nasuni Unveils Storage Services Backed by “100 Percent Uptime” Service Level Agreement

Nasuni Unveils Storage Services Backed by 100% Uptime|Nasuni Unveils Storage Services Backed by 100% Uptime

July 18, 2011

Nasuni Also Sets the Standard for Providers of Storage Services with its New Customer Bill of Rights

NATICK, Mass. – July 18, 2011 – Nasuni®, creator of the leading storage services network, today unveiled Data Protection, a service aimed at businesses that require access to their data 100 percent of the time with no risk of data loss and, in the case of disaster, the ability to recover data in minutes with the click of a button. The new service is backed by the most stringent service level agreement (SLA) ever offered in the storage industry: guaranteed 100 percent uptime.

Nasuni designed its storage services based on the demands of enterprise IT organizations and channel partners that support mid-sized organizations, giving them a simplified service model that offers on-premise storage, backup and offsite data protection as a single service offering.

“When it comes to storage as a service, customers demand 100% uptime and ironclad security,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “That is exactly what we give them and the SLA formalizes our commitment. Our confidence is based on extensive, long-term monitoring of every Nasuni Filer in the field as well as our internal supporting infrastructure. The new Data Protection Service continues our trajectory to simplify storage. This marketplace is quickly maturing and our SLA is meant to fuel mainstream adoption of an approach to storage that stands to radically streamline IT operations.“

To codify its commitment to delivering 100 percent reliable storage services to the midmarket, Nasuni has created the “Customer Bill of Rights for Storage Services” to set the industry standard for quality of service. The Customer Bill of Rights includes the following fundamental promises to enterprises:

  1. Setting up storage services should be fast and simple.
  2. Management of storage services must be simpler than the management of an internal NAS.
  3. Data storage capacity should be available for incremental purchase, as needed.
  4. The storage service should be able to handle very large loads with no performance degradation.
  5. Data should always be accessible to the customer and at acceptable speeds.
  6. Data stored with the service should be securely encrypted and safe from unauthorized access.
  7. The storage service should never run out of capacity to store more data.
  8. Data should be 100 percent protected against loss, even in the face of disaster.
  9. Accidentally deleted data should be easily recoverable.
  10. A safe process for permanently deleting data should exist.

Nasuni has implemented several strategic initiatives to ensure that its storage services deliver on the expectations within the Storage Services Customer Bill of Rights. First, Nasuni partners only with those back-end raw cloud storage providers who have demonstrated that they meet the highest expectations for performance, scalability and stability. Nasuni validates this level of performance through its ongoing comprehensive testing of cloud service providers. Second, Nasuni has developed an intelligent technology platform that, when coupled with centralized control console and the back-end raw storage from reliable cloud service providers, creates a high-performance Storage Services Network.

Nasuni’s Storage Services Network delivers:

  • Ironclad Data Protection ensuring that data is:
    • Accessible and available 100 percent of the time. Nasuni’s demanding partner selection process for raw cloud storage and its intelligent caching, file system snapshots and proactive issue resolution enable Nasuni to guarantee that customers will always have access to their data, 100 percent of the time.
    • Completely secure. Nasuni encrypts all data prior to forwarding to the cloud using AES-256 encryption, the strongest standard available.
  • Disaster recovery at the click of a button: From accidentally deleted files to the loss of an entire file system, complete recovery is never more than a mouse click and a few minutes away.
  • Performance on par with a local NAS: Nasuni’s patent-pending caching technology keeps the most frequently accessed files readily available on-site, and data stored with the Service looks just like a local NAS. End-users never know the difference.

“Today’s IT function is resource-tight, and burdened by both trying to predict future data growth and managing an infrastructure (backups, second sites, etc.) that isn’t easily supported.  While cloud technology promises a host of benefits, as a standalone product, it’s not viable for the majority of enterprises.  Having walked with our customers through real-life disaster recovery and enabling customers to migrate from one failed cloud provider to another solidified our idea of what was needed to better serve the IT industry.  Customers needed assurances about their data and wanted to simplify the day-to-day management requirements.  We’re expanding our service and guaranteeing it for those businesses concerned with data protection and business continuity,” remarked Jennifer Sullivan, VP, Marketing at Nasuni.

“Today’s raw cloud storage providers are the equivalent of the hard drive vendors in traditional storage,” Rodriguez added.  “Raw cloud storage lacks performance, security, and any sort of comprehensive account management, and is just as unusable to most businesses as is a commodity hard drive. Nasuni is the vanguard of a new generation of storage vendors focused on harnessing the power of raw cloud storage and transforming it into solutions that give businesses the confidence that only a complete storage services network and a 100 percent SLA can provide.”

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