What To Look For in a Cloud Storage Provider

Until recently, many enterprises were wary of entrusting their data to public cloud storage providers. Would their data be safe? Would it be available when needed? Or would their users have to wait for files to be retrieved from cloud storage providers? In the early days of cloud storage, those fears were justified. Some providers did not meet enterprise standards for access, performance and security. But that has changed.

Today, several cloud storage providers do meet these strict standards. The fear of cloud has faded as well, so organizations are now being tasked with analyzing providers and finding the one that can best help their business. This is no easy task.

How to Identify the Right Cloud Storage Provider

Nasuni has been rigorously testing public cloud storage providers since 2009. Each year, we release a comprehensive report that details the performance metrics of each major provider. We encourage any organization considering cloud or rethinking its cloud strategy to look at the providers through the same lens.

Key considerations include:

Finally, organizations should analyze the overall viability of the provider for use in an enterprise storage environment. When you consider this metric along with security and the others listed above, three cloud storage providers stand above the rest. Based on Nasuni’s analysis, the top cloud storage providers are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. Yet even these top providers do not meet all the needs of the modern enterprise.

Leveraging Cloud Storage Providers with Nasuni

Think of cloud storage providers as the new storage hard drives. Just as traditional hard drives needed storage controllers, storage providers need a solution that stands between them and the enterprise – one that offers compelling new functionality in a turnkey package. The truth is that it’s not really in the interest of the big clouds to develop these added enterprise-grade capabilities. The public cloud storage providers are better off focusing on what they do well: delivering speed, capacity and value.

Nasuni File Services combines the benefits of the cloud storage providers with the performance and security of local hardware. Nasuni caches active files locally while pushing cold data off expensive hardware and into secure, low-cost cloud storage. This way, organizations can take advantage of the cloud storage providers by easily expanding capacity without growing their hardware footprint.

Yet Nasuni also ensures that this data remains secure en route to and at rest in the cloud. Unstructured data is encrypted before it leaves your security perimeter. Neither Nasuni nor the cloud storage provider holds the encryption keys to that data, so only you can unlock your own files.

Nasuni delivers additional capabilities that the cloud storage providers alone cannot match. End users at different locations, from headquarters to small offices in distant countries, can easily collaborate on projects thanks to cloud-based global file sharing. IT can manage all those locations through a single pane of glass with the Nasuni Management Console. Since our clients deal only with Nasuni, not the big public cloud storage providers, they only get one bill, and it’s a reasonable one, too. Nasuni clients report savings of 40-60% on their total storage and protection costs.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the strengths and weaknesses of the cloud storage providers, download our latest State of Cloud Storage report. And if you’d like to see Nasuni in action, check out our demo.



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The cloud has the potential to solve the file storage challenges of the modern organization. By combining the best features of cloud with the performance of local hardware, Nasuni delivers superior functionality and cost savings across organizations.







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