Demand for Nasuni’s Remote Office Storage Solution Drives Bookings Growth by a Factor of Ten

Demand for Remote Storage Solution Drives Growth – Nasuni|Demand for Remote Storage Solution Drives Growth – Nasuni

July 30, 2012

From Q2 2011 to Q2 2012, Nasuni Nearly Triples Total Amount of Customer Data Stored; Increases the Average Amount Stored for Each Customer by 178 Percent

Nasuni®, a provider of enterprise storage to large, distributed organizations, today announced that the company continued to experience rapid growth in the second quarter of 2012 as an increasing number of global enterprises adopted its service as a simple, unified storage solution for their remote offices.

From the second quarter of 2011 to the second quarter of 2012, Nasuni nearly tripled the total amount of data that it stores for its customers, and the average amount of data stored per customer grew by 178 percent. Additionally, the company’s 12-month trailing bookings grew nearly 10 times over the previous 12-month period, and the number of Nasuni employees grew by 25 percent.

“Providing secure, manageable and cost-effective shared storage to remote offices was essentially an impossible task before Nasuni,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “There’s huge pent-up demand for a simple, unified remote office storage solution. What’s most striking to me, however, is the growth we’ve experienced with our existing customers because, once they’ve seen for themselves the value we deliver, they start putting additional terabytes of data into our service, which has almost tripled the average amount of data we store per customer. As our customers’ storage needs grow – and they will – so will Nasuni.”

Nasuni sells exclusively through its network of channel partners, which has also experienced rapid growth. Since its channel program launched one year ago, the company has signed partners in 20 countries around the world.

“Our customers struggled for years to find a simple and effective solution to manage remote and branch office storage systems completely from a central location,” said Scott Robinson, president, at Xioss.  “Nasuni works flawlessly, and it has the added benefit of enabling all of our customers’ offices around the world to access shared files simply and securely. With Nasuni, we can deliver a cloud-enabled solution that not only makes our customers happy, but also allows us to build a profitable annuity business.”

Nasuni’s program enables the company’s partners to rapidly provide their customers’ remote offices with fast and secure access to shared storage with a cloud-enabled solution and a revenue-sharing model that works for the channel.

About Nasuni
Nasuni provides a branch and remote office storage solution that offers unified storage with built-in backup, replication, and offsite protection using an on-site appliance connected to the cloud. Nasuni gives enterprise IT the ability to deliver globally distributed storage infrastructure that is completely centrally controlled and managed. IT can now provide global file access with the performance that end-users demand and a single master cloud storage system that enables consistency and control. With Nasuni, organizations can simplify IT, improve productivity, increase information security, and reduce the total cost of storage.

Nasuni is privately held and based in Boston, MA. For more information, visit

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