Nasuni Enables Law Firms to Scale Instantly to Store, Access and Protect Terabytes of Files

Law Firms Can Now Scale to Store & Protect Files – Nasuni|Law Firms Can Now Scale to Store & Protect Files – Nasuni

March 6, 2012

Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney Uses Nasuni to Provide Massive Amounts of Additional Secure Storage at a Moment’s Notice;
Files are Always Available and Accessible from Multiple Sites

Nasuni, a next-generation enterprise storage company, today described how its storage services solution is ideally suited to solve the specific IT storage challenges that law firms face today.

In the legal world, storage demands are unpredictable. A new case may bring with it terabytes of documents that must not only be securely stored within a very short period of time, but must also be perpetually accessible by professionals in multiple, far-flung offices. As a result, IT organizations at law firms must either keep a massive inventory of extra storage constantly on hand and deploy complex replication and WAN optimization technologies – a prohibitively expensive solution – or face the risk of running out of storage capacity on a moment’s notice.

Nasuni delivers Enterprise Storage Services to organizations that require their data to be accessible 100 percent of the time with no risk of data loss. This service, which uses the cloud as a key component, brings together primary data storage, offsite disaster recovery, and global multi-site access to shared data. Nasuni’s customers can sleep easy, thanks to a 100 percent reliability guarantee, supported by the industry’s most stringent service level agreement.

Nasuni is an active participant with International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) regional members and most recently presented in Chicago on February 7 at the ILTA event How Do You Budget for Litigation Support? Storage, Storage, Storage!

With Nasuni, law firms benefit from:

  • Unlimited and On-Demand Scalability: With Nasuni, IT can provision multiple terabytes instantly, without needing to change the physical infrastructure, which gives IT the ability to absorb and protect huge amounts of case files, document management system (DMS) files or user shares at a moment’s notice in response to new litigation or regulatory proceedings.
  • Perpetual Access and Complete Protection: Attorneys at multiple offices can access files stored on Nasuni forever, and they are always secure. Files are encrypted at the client site and only the customer holds the encryption keys. Plus, all files are protected by Nasuni’s 100% availability guarantee, which is backed by a stringent SLA.
  • File Synchronization Across Offices: Nasuni delivers shared access to all files in every office, extending the reach of office-specific expertise and knowledge across the entire firm. Distributed teams can work together and increase productivity while reducing non-billable hours.

Notably, in litigation and regulatory proceedings, even the strongest encryption alone will not ensure the safety of files and electronic evidence, because most storage providers who place data in the cloud – themselves subject to litigation and regulatory directives – hold the encryption keys.  Nasuni is the only provider that encrypts data using encryption keys that only the customer controls. The data is encrypted both at rest and in transit No one else can see the customer’s data except the customer, not even Nasuni or its back-end cloud storage providers.

Finally, when law firms need to delete data permanently, only Nasuni enables secure, fail-safe deletion from the cloud. When files are deleted from Nasuni, those files will remain recoverable as long as snapshots that contain those files remain. If legal customers desire to permanently delete files, however, they can establish policies that will delete snapshots based on their age or the number of snapshots stored in the cloud. Once the last snapshot that contains a deleted file is retired, that file is deleted irrevocably.

Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney, a law firm with more than 150 attorneys in seven U.S. offices, originally began using Nasuni to fix a very specific problem: a new case required IT to add a great deal of additional storage very quickly.

“At any moment, we can receive a phone call that says we need to do a document review, which could mean we will need to store anywhere from 30 gigs to 3 TB of data,” said Matt Donehoo, director of information systems at Segal McCambridge. “We need to scale almost instantly. Nasuni allowed us to have control over the data while using the cloud to get unlimited capacity.

“As we began using the solution,” Donehoo continued, “we found that from a functionality and performance standpoint, it was better than our current infrastructure. With Nasuni, we can give access to the same data at multiple locations. The idea that a data set can come into my New York office and that I’ll be able to administer it in Chicago within minutes is huge.”

Today, Segal McCambridge stores more than 20 TB of data with Nasuni.

“Law firms face very specific IT storage challenges that traditional storage solutions cannot overcome,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “We allow our customers to access all of their data from any location. It’s Tier-1 storage to every branch office with instant access to as much storage capacity as needed. This is something that has never been possible before: true distributed storage that frees the enterprise from deploying and managing expensive, cumbersome and under-performing data center consolidation schemes.”

About Nasuni
Nasuni delivers enterprise storage services to global IT organizations facing the challenges of providing a uniform level of protection and access to data from all of their offices. Nasuni offers an all-in-one solution that unifies primary data storage, offsite disaster recovery, data backup and global access with a 100 percent reliability guarantee that is supported by the industry’s most stringent services level agreement. With Nasuni, organizations can simplify IT, ensure business continuity, and reduce the total cost of storage.

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