Why GeoVerra Relies on Nasuni Hybrid Cloud Storage

February 05, 2024 | Michael Chan, Director of IT, GeoVerra Why GeoVerra Relies on Nasuni Hybrid Cloud Storage

GeoVerra stands out as one of the largest geomatics and land surveying companies in Canada, with our team wholeheartedly devoted to optimizing efficiency. At every level of our business, we continuously discover and develop tools and approaches that will improve operations. GeoVerra emerged from legacy companies with histories spanning decades, bringing forth a substantial amount of accumulated data. With over two decades of experience in establishing and revamping IT infrastructure, upon joining GeoVerra, one of my initial priorities was to overhaul our storage environment.

There are a lot of hybrid cloud storage options out there on the market, and we reached out to several of them, but Nasuni stood out. Nasuni gave us a sense of reassurance and trust, and there was a refreshing degree of transparency when we started to dive deep into what it would be like to move to a global file system with their hybrid cloud storage platform. Those initial discussions cemented our relationship, and the people we interacted with are chiefly why I was eager to attend the Nasuni User Group in Boston last fall. Overall, this experience was highly valuable for four main reasons.

1. People & Product

We started looking at hybrid cloud storage in part because our users were really struggling with latency. I monitored how they worked and quickly realized they weren’t going to be able to collaborate efficiently or work at the speed necessary for us to meet our goals as a company. We needed to upgrade to a hybrid cloud solution, and after we put together a decision matrix and evaluated all the options, Nasuni came out on top. Nasuni offered effortless and cost-effective scale, built-in security and the kind of fast edge performance and high-speed file synchronization that we needed.

While the technical architecture of the Nasuni hybrid cloud storage solution was a major factor in our decision, the people were also essential. When we spoke with Nasuni, they gave us even more confidence in their solution, and whenever we had a question, Nasuni was always there. That is still the case today. Part of my motivation behind attending the user group was simply to interact with the people behind the product again and strengthen our relationship.

2. Product Insights

The other draw of the user group was the opportunity to learn more about the future of the Nasuni File Data Platform. As I said, at GeoVerra, we are addicted to efficiency, and I wanted to know about the data intelligence and analytics tools Nasuni is developing so we can manage our data as effectively as possible and drive optimization. The encounters I had with customers and various Nasuni leaders provided a valuable experience, during which I gained insights into exciting details about what they have planned.

3. Peer Connections

Meeting and interacting with other IT leaders who have deployed Nasuni in different environments was a great opportunity to hear how others are using the platform and some of the problems they’ve solved along the way. I’ve been able to apply management strategies I learned from presentations and discussions held at this event. Being in an IT space such as the user group is a unique circumstance to absorb alternative approaches to challenges you face and stay up to date on best practices.

4. Knowledge Acquisition

Finally, the user group was a great chance to learn more about larger IT trends, including the future of AI, and how other companies are approaching the use of all the solutions and services out there on the market. As an IT leader, I believe it’s important to get ahead of the latest trends and see what’s coming down the pipeline. The mix of Nasuni insiders and IT leaders at the user group was overall a great learning opportunity.

The Nasuni Boston User Group strengthened my belief that GeoVerra made the right choice with Nasuni. I thoroughly enjoyed my time connecting with their team and discussing the future of AI within our industry. I’m excited for Nasuni’s services to continue transforming how GeoVerra shares, interacts with, and protects its data in a hybrid cloud storage environment. Participating in this event was essential to solidifying my understanding of the complete capabilities the Nasuni product offers my organization, and I highly encourage attending future events if the opportunity presents itself.

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