April 06, 2021 Listening in the Field

Nasuni CTO shares his recent field notes which generated or validated several ideas about cloud storage within the modern enterprise.

Andres Rodriguez
March 31, 2021 Why Are We Celebrating Backup?

Today is World Backup Day, but should we really be celebrating backup in the age of cloud?

Stephen Skidmore
March 23, 2021 Leveraging AWS PrivateLink for S3 with Nasuni

Nasuni now supports AWS PrivateLink for Amazon S3. If security and performance are top of mind for you, then you will be excited about this announcement.

Justin Paul
March 16, 2021 Now is the Time for Your Next Cloud Migration

Amazon has invited Nasuni to take part in the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program. This blog outlines what that program is.

Jeff Gusky
March 10, 2021 4 Reasons Ramboll Consolidated File Data in the Cloud

Here are four reasons AEC firm Ramboll consolidated their file data with Nasuni

Stephen Skidmore
March 02, 2021 Nasuni and Google Cloud Part 3: No More Tape Trucks

The third part of our Nasuni and Google Cloud blog series covers the challenge of backup and disaster recovery.

Russ Kennedy
February 23, 2021 Nasuni and Google Cloud Part 2: Ultimate Scale

The second part in our Nasuni and Google Cloud blog series takes a look at the technology and scale of Google Cloud Storage

Russ Kennedy
February 17, 2021 Nasuni & Google Cloud Part 1: File Storage Consolidation

Nasuni and Google Cloud are now strategic partners. Both companies discuss file consolidation with this new joint technology solution.

Russ Kennedy
February 11, 2021 2020 Year in Review and Looking Out to 2021

Nasuni's CMO reflects on the companies achievements in 2020 and everything we have to look forward to in 2021.

David Grant
January 26, 2021 APIs and the Future of Cloud

Nasuni's CTO shares his thoughts on two enterprise infrastructure trends: API-dominated cloud services models and specialized cloud providers.

Andres Rodriguez
January 13, 2021 How COVID-19 is Changing Enterprise IT Priorities

The Evaluator Group recently released a report on how enterprise IT is responding to COVID-19, and the recent success we've seen is consistent with their findings.

Anne Blanchard
January 05, 2021 NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP vs. Nasuni – Limitations

This blog compares the file storage limitations of NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Nasuni.

Tom Rose