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Achieving Business Continuity in the Age of Ransomware

How to Maintain Business Continuity in the Age of Ransomware

On May 7th, 2019, the city of Baltimore was hit by a ransomware attack – code named “RobinHood.” Hackers used remote encryption to lock down the city’s file servers and...

Solving the Problem of Migrating Legacy Applications to the Cloud

This is the first post in a series focused on accelerating digital transformation with a global file system. As more and more large organizations implement their cloud-first digital transformation, a...

Explain IT Podcast: Nasuni’s Andy Hardy Details How Enterprises Manage Unstructured Data Growth

Recently I had the pleasure of contributing to one of my favorite podcasts, the Explain IT show from Softcat, one of the leading IT infrastructure providers here in the U.K....

Why a Multi-Cloud Approach to File Storage Makes Sense in 2019

In the past year, nearly every CIO I’ve spoken with has a cloud-first initiative. No surprise there. What’s far more interesting is how many of these leaders are adopting a...

How to Migrate from Windows Server 2008 to Microsoft Azure

Last year Microsoft announced the support for Windows Server 2008 will soon end. Nasuni explains how and why organizations should move to Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage

How to Build High Performance Storage Infrastructure on AWS and Nasuni

When the CIO of Perkins+Will set off to transform their storage infrastructure using the cloud, it was no small task. See how AWS and Nasuni made it possible.

Beyond the Hype: Gartner Highlights Strategic Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Storage

How do you evaluate hybrid cloud storage solutions? Nasuni shares the key points from Gartner’s latest hype cycle.

Global CIO Highlights 4 Reasons to Consolidate Your IT Infrastructure with a Global File System

With growth through acquisition comes IT infrastructure complexity. Here are 4 benefits of consolidating you file storage environment with a global file system.

How Automation, Access and AI Will Reshape Organizations in the Year Ahead

We are in the throes of the single most disruptive event to ever hit IT. Everything is going to the cloud. Large organizations are either already in the cloud or...
5 Advanced Uses of Hybrid Cloud Storage and How to Optimize Them

5 Advanced Uses of Hybrid Cloud Storage and How to Optimize Them

More and more companies are choosing a hybrid approach to their cloud infrastructure. The reason is not because of an inability to go all the way to the cloud, but...
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