AI, Ransomware, & Hybrid Cloud: Why Nasuni is Expanding Operations in France

Chris Addis shares insights on why Nasuni is expanding its hybrid cloud data platform into the French market.

June 25, 2024

Nasuni already counts nine of the 50 largest companies in France as customers, yet this is only the beginning. Today, I’m excited to announce that we will be deepening our investment in France to accelerate our expansion in this critical market with our hybrid cloud data platform.

Overall, Nasuni’s operations in Europe have been growing for years. Approximately 25% of our customer base is now located here. So, this new investment is a natural progression, but it also reflects a unique moment in IT. The AI market in France is projected to grow by over 28% in the next six years, and the importance of cyber resilience is well understood in the region, as the country is a frequent target of ransomware attacks. While our current success in France stems from Nasuni’s core benefits, the future looks even more promising, as our advanced ransomware protection services, Fit-for-AI capabilities, and latest innovations are well matched to the needs of French companies.

As one of the top three cloud markets in Europe, France is packed with forward-thinking, innovative businesses. These companies see the value in modernizing infrastructure through hybrid cloud. Industries that are core to Nasuni’s business are very well represented in France as well, including manufacturing, engineering, automotive, consumer goods, media & marketing, and retail and luxury brands. A select few of our current French customers include global wine and spirits conglomerate Pernod Ricard, civil engineering leader Colas, Safran, TBWA, and France Habitation. Now we look forward to engaging with more of the region’s top organizations.

What will this increased investment look like? We’re building out an entire go-to-market team focused on the region. We’re going to strengthen local user groups so our customers can connect with their contemporaries, share best practices, and continue to provide us with the kind of feedback and insight that has long shaped our product roadmap. Our partners have always been a critical part of Nasuni’s success, so we will also be deepening our relationship with several of them, including arcITek, an innovative French IT services firm, plus our valued hyperscale partners at Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

This is an exciting time for Nasuni’s European operations. Now that we have achieved critical mass in France, our expanding presence and investment will help more companies accelerate their AI implementations, strengthen their position against evolving ransomware threats, and generally optimize how they store, protect, share, and make use of their data.

If you operate in the region, and are interested in learning more about hybrid cloud architectures, please reach out to our European team for more information, or consider signing up for our upcoming customer meetup in France this October to hear from the IT leaders who are relying on the Nasuni File Data Platform today.

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