Storing Files in the Cloud: Strategic, Tactical, or Optional? A Thought Leadership Panel

About this Live Panel Discussion: Some companies have embraced the cloud to its fullest extent, others are dipping their toes in, and still others are dragging their feet when it comes to storing and managing files in the cloud. So how about it? Is moving files to the cloud inevitable? Does it make businesses more competitive? Foster innovation? Offer more or less security? Is it a paradigm shift or ‘ho hum’? Gather up with a great team of innovators and let’s discuss! 

We’ll cover:

  • Cloud File Storage – what it means, and what are the options
  • What’s holding people back to migrating to the cloud? Cost? Complexity? Confusion?
  • We’ll get to the bottom of the question; Strategic, Tactical, or Optional?


  • Moderator: John Capello, VP of Product Strategy at Nasuni
  • Panelist: Andres Rodriguez, Founder & CTO at Nasuni
  • Panelist: Ken Clipperton, Lead Storage Analyst at DCIG