Energy in the Cloud

The energy sector operates in an extremely risky global environment. Political, economic, environmental, and social volatility puts pressure on the entire supply chain. The cloud can relieve much of that pressure by improving operational efficiencies for both energy operators and service providers. In addition, Seismic surveys and models, CAD and architecture software, and other tools create massive amounts of file data. By consolidating that data in the cloud, major IT complexity, latency, and costs can be eliminated.

In this session, you’ll hear from Andy Hardy, Nasuni RVP EMEA and APJ, on how the cloud is replacing old approaches to files storage, like file servers and NAS arrays, with modern solutions that provide built-in protection, file sharing across global locations, and disaster recovery resiliency.

This session will address: 

  • The pressures on IT infrastructure managers today
  • To cloud or not to cloud, what’s all the noise?
  • 5 Key reasons energy companies are moving files to the cloud
  • Sharing, collaborating and scaling large files as you’ve never seen
  • Boost productivity & provide improved services to geoscientists & file users