Nasuni Customer Services

Here at Nasuni, we believe that the customer experience from the sales process to production launch should be a seamless one. Our Nasuni Customer Lifecycle Process provides just that. New customers are immediately assigned a Customer Success Manager and Senior Professional Services Consultant to begin the implementation process. Our Professional Services Team follows a structured approached of understanding the customer’s environment and maximizing their return on using the Nasuni Service. Once in production, our Customer Support Team and assigned Customer Success Manager will provide a proactive, close relationship.

Customer Support

The Nasuni Customer Support Team consistently delivers over 95% customer satisfaction ratings to our customer base. We accomplish this by building a team of highly technical engineers that truly enjoy providing exceptional customer service. Combine this with our proactive monitoring built into the service and you can see why our customers rave about our support.

Customer Support 24/7

Our dedicated Support Engineers provide professional technical support from our Company Headquarters. The team provides 24/7 on call coverage for after normal business hours, and on weekends and holidays. Please review the Support Data Sheet for severity definitions and associated response times.

Professional Services

The Nasuni Professional Services Team is comprised of Senior Technologists that have expertise in various technologies and protocol that will interoperate with the Nasuni Service during implementation and into production. The PS Consultants work with customers on a formalized implementation plan that includes: site readiness checklist, detailed rollout plan, data migration, pre-production testing and production rollout.

Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) is assigned to all customers to provide continuity throughout implementation and into production launch. The CSM is the voice of the customer within Nasuni. This is accomplished by establishing regular customer calls based on the customer’s preference to: review product roadmaps, solicit product feedback, feature requests and provide technical training on new features and functionality. Please review the Customer Success Manager Data Sheet for more details.

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Nasuni Support Data Sheet
Review for severity definitions and associated response times.


1. Finding the documents you need

To find the documents you need:

1) search on this page for the topic (like "Azure") you're looking for OR

2) look at the section (like "Installation") you want OR

3) start with the Administration Guide (for Nasuni Filers) or the NMC Guide (for the NMC).

2. Best Practices

Use these principles from the start to ensure smooth and optimal installation and performance.

3. Installation

The Nasuni Filer comes pre-installed on Nasuni Filer hardware appliances, including NF-60, NF-200, NF-400, and NF-440. However, use the following documents to install the Nasuni Filer and Nasuni Management Console (NMC) on VMs and other platforms.

Pre-installation documentation

Nasuni Filer Hardware Appliances

  • NF-60  (130 KB) - Installing the NF-60 hardware appliance

  • NF-200  (184 KB) - Installing the NF-200 hardware appliance

  • NF-400  (217 KB) - Installing the NF-400 hardware appliance

  • NF-440  (183 KB) - Installing the NF-440 hardware appliance

  • NF-600  (217 KB) - Installing the NF-600 hardware appliance

  • iDRAC Configuration  (373 KB) - Configuring iDRAC on hardware appliances

Virtual Machines

Public Cloud Platforms

  • Microsoft Azure  (342 KB) - Installing on the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform New version 2-24-2017!

  • Amazon EC2  (739 KB) - Installing on the Amazon EC2 public cloud platform New version 2-24-2017!

Private Cloud Platforms

Nasuni Desktop Client

4. Detailed Configuration Information

Some aspects of the configuration require more detailed information than is present in the other documentation. These documents provide the necessary detail.

5. Special Features, Operations and Services

Nasuni offers a variety of special features, operations, and services that are useful in certain specific situations.

Bulk Data Load Service

6. General Information

7. End User Documents